This week in senior kindergarten at Eisenhower, students learned that one way authors can organize their texts is by using a beginning, middle and end. In math, students are learning to decompose the teen numbers into the 10s and ones places. They are also working on showing math thinking on a white board and explaining the thought process.


The Early Childhood students at Jefferson Elementary School have been very busy. The children, 3 and 4 years old, have been working on learning shapes. They listened to the book 'Mouse Shape' by Ellen Stoll Walsh, made circle art by painting with cardboard paper towel rolls, made a variety of shapes with dot paints, laced a shape necklace, built shapes from Unifix cubes and sang shape songs. They even learned how you can combine shapes to draw other things.


The second-grade Spanish classroom has been transformed into a restaurant. Students are working together in groups to create a restaurant skit. They are taking on the role of the waiter/waitress or client at a restaurant and learning their lines together. They also are adding details to personalize their skits. They put their speaking lines together with actions and expressions to create a final product they will perform in front of their class. ¡Qué delicioso!


The third- through fifth-grade Spanish classes at Madison are participating in a new districtwide program in Spanish called 'Libro Detective.' Thanks to an Educational Foundation of Wauwatosa grant, students have access to many new Spanish books in our school library. Students have been reading books in Spanish, tracking their minutes, and filling out graphic organizers to aid in comprehension. Madison students are leading the district for most minutes read so far this year. ¡Vamos Madison!


First-graders in Amy Netko's class read the Flat Stanley series. Flat Stanley is a boy who is accidentally squished 'flat as a pancake' when a bulletin board falls on him. Stanley is very, very flat, but otherwise fine. The stories go on to tell about the adventures Stanley has, including being folded up and mailed to California. Each child makes a Flat Stanley and mails him/her to three different places around the world. This year, we have Stanleys going to the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Hawaii, Canada, and Australia.

On March 21, World Down Syndrome Day. McKinley is having a guest speaker. Rebecca Hiegel, from the Down Syndrome Association, is coming to give a presentation in grades one and five on peer sensitivity and disability awareness.

Our Redeemer

Third-, fourth- and fifth-graders from Our Redeemer spent time on two recent Fridays collecting for those less fortunate at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Students invited neighborhood families to donate designated items for pickup and then returned to collect the items the following week. A great number of food and hygiene items were donated to this ministry!


In senior kindergarten students had a fun-filled week celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. They tasted green eggs and ham, made silly hats, dressed 'wacky' on Wednesday, explored word families, and created wonderful Dr. Seuss-inspired poems. They ended the week with a 'read in' to which parents were invited to read their favorite Dr. Seuss books.


For the last several weeks in the library, all grade levels have been enjoying the picture books nominated for the 2016 Golden Archer Award. The votes are in and the students at Underwood decided that 'The Book With No Pictures,' by B.J. Novak, was the best in the primary category. 'The Adventures of Beekle,' by Dan Santat, took second place. Third- through fifth-graders could also vote for the intermediate books. 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Long Haul,' by Jeff Kinney, was the winner, with 'Ungifted,' by Gordon Korman, taking second place. Students are waiting to see if their winning books are the Golden Archer winners for the state. Now the students are busy nominating their favorite books for the 2017 Golden Archers.


The Washington Senior Choir will participate in the Wauwatosa District Choral Festival at East High School at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 22, in the gym. All Wauwatosa elementary school choirs have been rehearsing two selections to combine voices for a 400-member choir. They will be performing 'Iro Ye,' an African lullaby, and 'Shake the Papaya,' with a drum and xylophone accompaniment. Singers have been preparing the choral selections during their early morning choir rehearsals. Included in the evening's program will be a recorder and ukulele ensemble, along with an Orff xylophone ensemble. The xylophone ensemble will include fifth grade students from Washington. The finale, 'There Is Peace,' will include members of all the choral ensembles from East and West high schools and Longfellow and Whitman middle schools. Everyone is invited. Admission is free

Wauwatosa Catholic

The Trinity Dancers will perform for the students at Wauwatosa Catholic School on Thursday, March 17. Their performance will begin at 8:30 a.m. Many of the WCS students who belong to the Trinity Dancers will be part of the performance.

Wauwatosa Montessori

Children's House students have been writing reports about teeth, tigers and trees. They also continue to learn sign language. Lower Elementary students are learning about Mayan, Aztec and Inca Native Americans. They also are studying Fairy Tales in preparation for their field trip to First Stage to see 'Snow.' Upper Elementary students continue to work on current events, either personal or news. They are also working on geometry and calculating the volume of a triangle. Adolescent Program students have been experiencing poetry, preparing for student-led conferences, and they continue to sell fudge and toffee.


Students at Tosa West are preparing for the spring musical, 'The Wizard of Oz.' The production will feature nearly 200 students as part of the cast, crew, pit and a full cast of Munchkins from seven different schools including Underwood, Eisenhower, Madison, McKinley, Montessori, Whitman, and Immanuel Lutheran. Complete with specialty flying effects, a tornado, and everything that makes this story magical, it's sure to be a special event. Performance times are 7 p.m. Friday, April 15, Saturday, April 16, Friday April 22, and Saturday April 23; and 2 p.m. Sunday, April 17. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for students, $10 for seniors, and $8 for those 10 and under.


Whitman recently partnered with Jersey Mike's Subs for a successful fundraiser. The school was able to raise over $1,100 thanks to the support of the school community. The money raised will be used for the spring Think Kindness assembly.

Congratulations to the seventh- and eighth-grade girls basketball teams on winning their conference tournaments. Both teams did a great job representing Whitman in a positive manner all season.


Students in grades four and five are taking part in team building through physical challenges (river crossing, a 'grand canyon,' a tire bridge, a 'raging river' crossing, 'toxic waste transfer,' and more). During these challenges, student teams learn and practice lifelong character traits and social skills of effective communication, leadership, teamwork, positive encouragement and patience. These fun and entertaining activities also cover health and skill components of fitness, including balance, muscular strength/endurance and coordination.

Fifth-graders at Wilson have been using chemistry to practice the scientific method. Analyzing mixtures, substances, elements, and atoms provided excellent opportunities for collaboration and communication in small groups. In social studies, the fifth-graders are starting to learn about the conflict between England and the colonists.

Tosa Rec Department

On Tuesday, March 22, registration for Summer Adventure Club will be begin at 8 a.m. for residents online at and in-person at at the Fisher Building, 12121 W. North Ave.

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