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Shouldn't everyone have an anti-theft bar on their vehicle?

Issue: That was one reader's question in light of an increase in car thefts as reported in a recent issue of Wauwatosa Now.

'I still have mine (the steering wheel bar lock) and I plan to resume using it,' he wrote.

Status:Police information officer Lt. Brian Zalewski said while the city does not advocate any one method or device, he said steering wheel bars are effective.

'They can be defeated,' he said, 'but it takes a lot of work. 'They are a good deterrent.'

Zalewski said there are a number of after-market antitheft devices that serve as a similar deterrent to potential thieves.

'Probably the best thing someone can do is consult with their dealership or any other resource that has their exact make and model to see is what is available.

'It really comes down to how inconvenient it may be to use the device,' he said. 'If you don't always use it, then of course it won't work.'

In a followup to last week's column: More than one reader asked about why there are not corresponding left lane markings to the left turn arrow for eastbound Menomonee River Parkway traffic at Swan Boulevard. County staff said those markings will be installed soon.

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