A technical consulting firm based at the Milwaukee County Research Park in Wauwatosa announced last week it will relocate to downtown Milwaukee to be closer to the new Bucks arena.

SafeNet Consulting Inc. chose to move to The Brewery, the site of the redeveloped Pabst Brewing Company complex, because the location will attract and retain computer programmers, according to a news release.

'With strong competition in the Milwaukee area to fill technical consulting positions, we see a downtown location near the new Bucks arena as a huge benefit in our ongoing efforts to retain and attract young workers,' said SafeNet Managing Partner Brad Zepecki.

The company also has an office in Minnesota's Twin Cities area and has run a smaller development center in Milwaukee's Third Ward since 2011. SafeNet's headquarters have been in the research park since 2010.

The company will occupy 8,000 square feet of the new office building. SafeNet employs 72 people across its locations, growing from just six in 2010. The new offices will allow the company space to grow to 100 employees, according to the release.

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