Eisenhower has formed a Kind Kids Club. First-graders applied to be in the club by describing what it means to be kind and how they show kindness to others. Students brainstormed some random acts of kindness that could be complete together by the end of the year. The first mission was collecting peanut butter for the Hunger Task Force. Other missions will include helping straighten up the hallways, including friends in recess games and more.


This week the Tosa Tots classroom has been transformed into a pizzeria. Students are enjoying the opportunity to create pizza-related art by stamping real peppers, onions and mushrooms in paint and designing their own 'art pizza.' Children also have the opportunity to play different roles in the pizzeria as customers, waiters, chefs, phone-order takers and dishwashers. The class enjoyed singing 'I am a Pizza' by Charlotte Diamond, and reading and acting out 'Pete's a Pizza' by William Steig.


Second-graders at Lincoln Elementary are reading a variety of fables and folktales. They are identifying the message or moral of each one they read. Then they are reading other tales from different cultures and comparing them. They are noticing that many cultures have similar messages and elements in their stories, even though they originated in different places around the world. It is fun to identify the different countries of origin on the world map and the globe!


Madison third-graders are learning about the transformation of matter. They are working on identifying the different states of matter and experimenting with dyes, pigments and invisible ink.


The SK students had a fun time celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. The boys and girls wore their pajamas to school, brought in their favorite Dr. Seuss book to read with a partner, graphed their favorite Dr. Seuss book, and learned more about Dr. Seuss using the Brain Pop Jr. app.


The JK classes at Roosevelt have been learning about 'Animals All Around Us' for the past couple of weeks. To conclude the unit, the class will be having Ms. Kim's Amazing Animals visit. Ms. Kim will bring some animals right to our classroom for us to learn about, see and even touch. The students are very excited for this opportunity.


Underwood students discovered ways to live a healthy lifestyle in the school's first Wellness Fair, Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle, the afternoon of March 3. Students had various opportunities to learn about the lungs, heart, brain, vision, back care, teeth, yoga, proper hand washing, the Internet, fire and bike safety, stranger danger and healthy snacks.


Students from Washington participated in the Wisconsin State Spanish Pronunciation Contest on March 5 in West Bend. Also called The Concurso Oral, the Spanish Pronunciation Contest has been going on in Wisconsin for more than 20 years, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese-Wisconsin Chapter. An open, state-wide contest, it gives Spanish great exposure and allows students to earn medals for skills they work hard to develop all year long. Third-, fourth- and fifth-graders from Washington will be competing in three categories: theater, prose, and poetry. Students have been practicing during lunch hours, break times, and after school to develop their performance pieces.

Wauwatosa Montessori

Children's House students have been using homemade playdough and air-dry clay in the classroom. They also learned egg slicing and banana slicing in their new food preparation activities.

Lower Elementary students worked on states and country reports. They also had dissection lessons in botany focusing on the different families fruit can belong to.

Upper Elementary Class Council had a discussion about grace and courtesy, classroom productivity and social issues. They also walked through the steps of a debate and engaged in a simple debate.

Adolescent Program students worked on self-expression and creativity. They are sewing duffle/messenger bags from a collection of donated fabric.

Wauwatosa Catholic

In Spanish class, WCS fourth-graders are learning places in our community — el banco (the bank), el parque (the park), la panaderia (the bakery/bread store) and the verb ir — to go. They will be working on a final project — making a map of a community, labeling the places, explaining who goes where, and what they do in those places.


Fifth-graders at Wilson Elementary School have been using chemistry to practice the scientific method. Analyzing mixtures, substances, elements, and atoms provided excellent opportunities for collaboration and communication in small groups. In Social Studies, the fifth-graders are starting to learn about the historical conflict between England and the colonists.

Wauwatosa Recreation Department

The Wauwatosa Recreation Department's Summer Activity Guide will be in the mail and on the March 15. Wauwatosa residents may register as soon as they receive the activity guide for summer school and most recreation activities. Register online, by mail, fax, or in person at the Recreation Department office, in the Fisher building, 12011 W. North Ave.

For more information on programs and classes, and other registration dates, see the website

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