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Why are there 'bumps' along the new Menomonee River Parkway?

Issue:'What prompted the city to put what they call 'speed bumps' every 1,000 feet,' a reader asked us, noting that driving over them 'tossed my car around like a roller coaster at 25 mph.' He characterized the bumps as 'overkill.'

Status: In fact, it was Milwaukee County and not the city of Wauwatosa that redesigned and reconstructed the parkway. Ask Now spoke to two officials — Jill Organ, chief of planning and development who has been a long-time supporter of 'street calming' measures for the parkway; and Sarah Toomsen, the project manager for the parkway reconstruction. They noted the bumps also serve as pedestrian crossings and did not believe that vehicles traveling within the 25 mph limit would be jostled.

We also drove the parkway, noting our compact vehicle was not greatly affected and observed most vehicles traveling over those bumps actually slowed upon approach.

'The project is not complete,' Toomsen said. 'As part of the final round of construction, we are going to inspect all the areas to see if any adjustments need to be made.'

Public hearings regarding the parkway reconstruction were held in the winter of 2013-14 at Mount Mary University, situated along the midway point of the roadway.

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