Coyotes should be shot and injured, not killed

Dear editor,

I have hunted coyotes all over the U.S.A., Canada. Smartest animals on the continent. Have adapted well to people, not scared of them. They're dangerous, even more so when rabid. Scary.

My wife has been threatened by them on the bike path.

Only way to get rid of them is to shoot them with fine pellets or shot gun, not enough to kill, and/or run them with dogs so they get scared of people and dogs.

Otherwise learn to live with them. If they get rabid, then we have big problem.

Anything else is a dream.

Last week they were hollering outside of our back door. They often kill rabbits in our backyard.

Walking your dog? Carry a slingshot with pellets, know how to use it.

Bob Dohnal


Thanks to all who helped with school soup night

Dear editor,

Thanks to everyone who attended Washington Elementary's recent Soup-er Arts Night! The event featured an all-you-can-eat soup dinner prepared by Don Engling, retired food service director, his wife Alice, and their family. The dinner brought in $750 for the Whitewater Food Pantry. Thank you to Don and Alice, along with their extended family. Thank you to the Katzman family for their donation of milk and butter for the event.

Thank you to Washington's art teacher, Mareta Hale, for putting together the student art gallery –— which featured at least one piece of art from every student at Washington. Thank you to Washington's music teacher, Valerie Troxel, for coordinating over 21/2 hours of performances by students, staff and community members. Thank you to the Whitewater Arts Alliance for allowing students to decorate one the 'Artrageous Birds' which are part of the 2016 pubic art project.

Heather Morgan


Washington School PATT

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