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In health class, students were immersed in an archaeological expedition in which they found, labeled, and classified human bones. They also went on a virtual field trip to a medical examiner and studied the anatomy and physiology of the lungs.


The cast and crew of 'Beauty and the Beast' are to be congratulated for their performances over the past two weekends. This show outsold any previous production in Tosa East history.

Congratulations to the following forensics competitors who advanced beyond preliminary rounds at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Speech Bowl on Saturday: Katie Mahony and Katie Foreman, finalists in duo interpretation; Maeve Williams, finalist in extemporaneous speaking; Jenny Heck, third place in special occasion speaking; Janet Fee, second place in extemporaneous speaking. Sophie Dion-Kirschner was tournament champion in the category of special occasion speaking.

Over the course of the semester, students in the child development class will be working as teaching assistants one day a week at Lincoln Elementary and Wauwatosa Catholic schools. The students are learning many skills, such as classroom management and curriculum planning.


Jefferson's junior kindergarten spends time every morning on Magna Doodles, thanks to a PTA grant, and practices developmentally appropriate handwriting skills, answering number stories and writing high frequency words. The class looks forward to its Mystery Reader every Tuesday and celebrates a good week with a Franklin Friday.


The first-grade classrooms at Lincoln Elementary are learning about 'needs of living things' in their science classes. After taking a field trip to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, they discussed how animals survive in Wisconsin's winter. At the Audubon, first-graders were able to observe first hand how animals have adaptations that allow them to survive. When the students returned to the classroom, they created their own animals with unique adaptations to allow them to survive in a specific habitat. They named their animals and wrote about the animals, explaining the unique adaptations of their creations. Then each student presented the new animal to the class and explained its survival adaptation.


Senior kindergarten students in Elizabeth Butryn's and Nicole Sciortino's classes are learning the art of persuasive writing. They are learning to convince people to think the way they do with good reasons in their writing.


The junior kindergarten classes at McKinley saw 'Just a Little Critter Musical' at the First Stage theater last week. This week they will be celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday on Wednesday. Then they will start a STEM project — building the three little pigs' houses.

Pilgrim Lutheran

Open enrollment began March 1. Those without an enrollment packet can pick one up from the office. Every effort will be made to reserve seats for returning students, however, enrollments can't be guaranteed until complete applications have been received and verified.


Third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students have been participating in a districtwide Spanish reading competition. At Roosevelt, Elisabeth Thielitz's fourth-grade class has the most participation so far. All grades are starting their fourth Spanish unit, The Healthy Life, and will be using the language to discuss and present information about being healthy.


The second-grade students at Underwood have been engaged in learning science and social studies. As a culminating project in science, students created original instruments. The students shared their instruments by demonstrating what they learned about pitch and volume, and played a tune on them. After sharing the instruments, students wrote about the instrument, explaining the process and materials used to make it.

In social studies, students put what they have learned about goods and services into practice by opening an ice cream shop. After filling out job applications, students were hired to do a job from taking customers' orders, working on an assembly line to making sundaes, delivering the product, and cleaning up.


Our fifth-grade students have organized a leadership team called Timby Squad. The squad has 36 participants. Members mentor younger students in math and reading before and at the end of the day. A popular activity for the fifth-graders is to lead and facilitate games on the playground during lunch recess. Fifth-graders made a list of their favorite games at a squad meeting and are teaching the younger students how to play the games. They also have been active in running a food drive, and helping with some school-wide character programs. Their leadership has made a difference at Washington.

Third-graders are working on a Quick Fire Challenge this week. They are working in teams of three to create a book. They decide whether it will be nonfiction or fiction and what the topic is going to be. Each student will get a different role such as advertiser, critic or author. All three students will share in the role of illustrator. Students will present their products to their peers.

Wauwatosa Catholic

On Tuesday, March 1, the fifth-grade class hosted the first annual Symposium on the Human Body System. Students worked in groups, with each group covering one of the body systems. Students assumed roles such as gastroenterologist, cardiologist, physiatrist, rheumatologist, pulmonologist, among others. Each group gave presentations using models of their system, powerpoints and other instructional materials.

Wauwatosa Montessori

Children's House learned how to sing the Continent song in sign language and also got to see the Amaryllis bulb they planted finally bloom. Lower Elementary went to Schlitz Audubon Nature Center to learn about maple trees, tapping sap and converting sap to syrup. Upper Elementary finished reading the book 'Sounder.' They also learned about the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th Amendment and sharecropping. The Adolescent Program is finishing up their family history and immigration displays/presentations. They also worked on solving equations and inequalities in one variable and graphing solution on a number line.


From 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. March 6, Wauwatosa West, East, and the Kiwanis Club of Wauwatosa will be hosting the annual Kiwanis Club Pancake Breakfast in the Wauwatosa West High School cafeteria. The pancake breakfast provides scholarship money for Wauwatosa high school students. There are games and activities for the kids, auctions, and music. The annual pancake breakfast is a great opportunity for the community to get together for a hearty breakfast and help raise money.


Winter activities are concluding at Whitman. Signup for spring activities (track, tennis, golf, andthe musical) will begin in the upcoming weeks. The school encourages all students to get involved by joining one of these activities.


Wilson fourth-graders will be reading picture books to model fluent reading to junior kindergartners. Together, they will discuss what happened in the book and draw an illustration of their favorite part of the story.

The most recent field experience WSTEM fourth- and fifth-graders had at the zoo was titled, 'Endangered Species.' In this class they learned about the many different reasons that a species may become extinct. In discussing the causes for population decline in specific species, the students learned about the acronym, 'H.I.P.P.O — H for habitat loss and destruction (by far, the biggest concern); I for introduced species; P for population growth; P for pollution; and O for over exploitation (hunting and poaching) The students also were able to experience some animal artifacts first hand.

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