You go barefoot waterskiing just one time, and next thing you know you're a chiropractor.

Or, at least, that's the way it went for William Apps.

'Yeah,' Apps laughed. 'It really stemmed from high school, being injured trying to barefoot waterski.'

Apps grew up in a small town in western Canada — Kimberley, British Columbia. And he was no stranger to sports. In fact, before becoming a chiropractor, he worked for about 18 months with a major fundraising firm in Toronto that coordinated campaigns for everything from political parties and medical clinics to sports arenas.

But it was his past experience as a patient — Apps' father sent him to a chiropractor after that ill-advised barefoot waterskiing experience — that led him to explore chiropractic as a career.

'I still had that desire to help people but, at the same time, wanted the independence of owning my own business and setting my own schedule,' Apps said.

So, in 2004, with his roots now set in the metro Milwaukee area, Apps started the Apps Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

'Chiropractic is a portal of entry for health care,' Apps explained. 'So we'll look at everything — neck pain, back pain, work injuries, car accident injuries, the usual chiropractic stuff, but also nutrition, posture education. We have lots of athletes coming in for maintenance and preventive care. We have people coming in weekly, monthly, quarterly as part of their wellness care.'

Part of Apps' job also involves educating patients, even doctors, about how he can be part of the overall health care system.

'My take on it is chiropractry is helping your whole body,' Apps said. 'We're trying to get you to function better, feel better, sleep better, move better. Maybe we're not the primary provider, but we can definitely be part of that.

'We work as a team. And that's where my practice is focused on working within the health care system, working with other providers, trying to get people better as fast as possible with the least amount of invasive help, if we can. And, if not, at least we have other resources. But a lot of people don't know. I have friends in the medical field who don't know what I do.'

Once the light bulb goes on, Apps said the benefits can be exponential.

'The great thing about chiropractic and what I enjoy is people can be walking in here in pain, not moving well, and after treatment — not that they're 100 percent — but they instantly feel different or better. And maybe that feeling will fade, but they get that relief, that sense of being on the right track, especially patients who have never experienced chiropractic before,' Apps said. 'They sit up and have this look of, 'What just happened?' They feel different.'


BUSINESS: Apps Chiropractic & Wellness Center, 10600 W. Bluemound Road

PHONE: (414) 755-0016

OWNER: William Apps, D.C.


TYPE OF BUSINESS:chiropractic clinic

PEARLS OF WISDOM: 'We don't want people dependent on us,' Apps said. 'We want to be there to support them in their aches and pains and ups and downs. We want to help people learn how to take care of themselves.'

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