Detention Center

In health class, students have been learning about the muscular system and how to keep their muscles, including their hearts, healthy.


The Wauwatosa East High School APPSE team was selected as a 'wild card' and invited to compete in the We the People National Competition in Washington, D.C., on April 22-23.

The National Honor Society sponsored their Winter Blood Drive with the Blood Center of Wisconsin on Friday, Feb. 12. Students 16 years of age and older along with staff made donations, with each pint saving three lives. German 4 students took on a recipe project that had them learning German cooking vocabulary and styles. A great (and messy) time was had by all.


Eisenhower students and staff have begun to participate in monthly, all-school morning meetings. The first all-school morning meeting kicked off 'Empathy Detectives.' Students search for examples of others modeling empathy within the school community. Several students also presented morning meeting samples to the school board on Feb. 8.


The senior kindergarteners at Jefferson Elementary have enthusiastically counted their way to the 100th day of school. The students worked in pairs to create a picture or design using 100 pattern blocks. They celebrated the day with fun activities like taking 100 steps from the classroom (with the help of a few fifth-grade friends), 100 seconds of playing musical instruments, being silent for 100 seconds, and showing off their '100 collections' during a parade around the school.


The fifth-grade students at Madison Elementary School completed their narrative poems and entered them in the 'Write a Poem that Tells a Story' contest for the Tosa All-City Read. Jordan Nash, a fifth-grader in Nicole Welter's class, won the contest in the grades 3-5 category for her poem, 'Wave.'


Students at McKinley Elementary have been busy learning about music through the use of the new music studio curriculum. This curriculum presents many opportunities to learn through song, playing instruments, using listening maps, dances and so much more!

Pilgrim Lutheran

Pilgrim Lutheran School will mark Black History Month with a program from 1:30 to 3:15 p.m. Feb. 26 in the school gymnasium. Lower School students will focus on youth leaders in civil rights. Middle school students will focus on the civil rights movement. The program will consist of each class selecting a poem, song and/or a dance to perform. Their selection will be from the work of black poets, gospel music, Motown music, or something inspirational or positive.


Ini general music, Roosevelt xchool's third- and fourth-grade students are preparing for Carnegie Hall's Link Up Program which will be held at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in March. This program, 'The Music Rocks,' links the classroom to the concert hall. Students are learning about the

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and will join the orchestra interactively as they sing, play the recorder, and move to compositions by Igor Stravinsky, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Giuseppe Verdi, Gustav Holst, and Carl Orff. This program is generously sponsored by the Roosevelt PTA.

In band, fifth-grade students are currently working on music for the All District Band Fest in April. The pieces are challenging students with new notes and fingerings, more complicated rhythms, and foreign symbols that they have never seen before.

In orchestra, Roosevelt students have been learning new rhythms, bowings, and notes in preparation for the 34th annual All-City String Festival in March. This past week, volunteer fifth-grade orchestra members got to take the skills they have been learning in small group instruction and their early large group rehearsals and apply it to performing selections of their choosing during the Roosevelt Spaghetti Dinner. Students choose their groups, what songs to play, and directed their own practices to prepare for the gig with assistance from their teacher, Mackenzie Laska.


First-graders will go to the Wauwatosa West Planetarium on Feb. 24. They will attend the program called 'Follow the Drinking Gourd,' which ties into Black History month. Students will learn how the slaves used the stars and constellations to find their way to freedom.

Wauwatosa Catholic

On Monday, Feb. 15, WCS fourth- through eight- grade students went on a field trip to Junior Achievement. The fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders were working in BizTown, where they worked in various businesses. Students applied for jobs and were working among other positions as CEOs, attorneys, and mayor of BizTown. Students prepared for this by studying about businesses, how to apply for jobs, andn how to interview. The seventh- and eight-graders went to Finance Park, where they were given a computer-generated income, and had to budget their money.

Wauwatosa Montessori

Children's House began a new book series on cultural differences, learned how to make paper and sewed buttons on their traced hands for their Valentine's Day craft.

Lower Elementary made paper from recycled materials to use for their valentine exchange, learned about the Chinese New Year, discussed Mardi Gras and are getting ready for the Follow the Child night here at Montessori. Upper Elementary started their Book Club work and learned geometry with tangrams, pentagons and skeletal origami.

Adolescent Program students took the city bus downtown for a walking tour with Historic Milwaukee and visited the Milwaukee Public Museum's Streets of Old Milwaukee as part of their family history and immigration unit.


The independent living students will be participating in a mock interview to practice their interviewing skills. District administrators, school board members, and community members will interview them. The students learn valuable life skills when they receive feedback from the interviewers that they can apply when they have an actual interview for scholarships, jobs and other opportunities.


Last week, all students were given the opportunity to participate in the schoolwide Black History Month Essay Competition. An independent panel of judges from Mt. Mary University will be reviewing the essays and selecting winners from each grade level. The winning students will then read their essays at the Black History Month assembly on Feb. 24.


The Wilson second-graders we will be starting their visits with pen pals at Hawthorne Terrace next week. The students meet with their pen pal, ask them questions about how they celebrated holidays with their families, their family life, and school days when they were younger. Then they will write and create a book for their pen pals that they will give to them in May. They will meet with their pen pal once each a month, and finalize it with a book presentation the end of May.

The 2/3 STEM students are busy learning about biographies and have conducted interviews with classmates. Students will use this information to write biographies about their classmate. This writing activity is helping to prepare them for their next inquiry project. Each student will select a famous person that they would like to research and teach their classmates about.

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