A man claiming to be from George Webb Restaurants' corporate office recently tricked an employee into removing money from a cash register and taking a cab to drop the money off to a reported 'customer.'

Around 1:30 a.m. Jan. 18, a server working at George Webb, 12201 W. North Ave., answered a phone call on one of the restaurant's phones. A man claiming to be 'Dave Blacks' from George Webb Restaurants' corporate office told the server that a customer lost a wallet in the store several days prior.

The caller said the wallet contained $1,000, but when the wallet was returned to the customer, the money was missing. 'Dave Blacks' told the server the customer planned to sue George Webb Restaurants and to avoid the lawsuit, the restaurant would 'pay him off,' according to police documents.

The caller told the server to take money out of the cash register and then take it to the customer. The server was instructed to pay for a cab with some of the money and use what remained as the customer's payment, according to the documents.

Around 2 a.m., the server met the 'customer.' At the direction of the caller, the server took a cab to the 2800 block of West Wells Street.

A man exited an apartment building at 2820 W. Wells St. and 'Dave Blacks' called the employee from a private number and told her the man walking up to the cab was the customer, instructing her to give the man the money, which she did.

About an hour later, the server called the restaurant manager and asked her how to process transactions because the restaurant no longer had any cash. The server explained what happened and told her manager about Dave Blacks. The manager instructed the employee to call police.

The employee could not remember the denominations of the bills she gave the man, nor could she remember which taxi service she used — although she could remember it was blue in color, according to police documents. The taxi was sent to the restaurant by 'Dave Blacks.'

The Wauwatosa police officer dispatched to the restaurant made contact with the George Webb's area human resources manager who told the officer the lost wallet incident never occurred. Additionally, George Webbs did not authorize money to be taken from the store to 'pay off' a customer.

'Dave Blacks' is described as having a male voice, according to police records. The male customer who took the money from the employee was described as a black male in his mid to late 30s, dark skin complexion, approximately 5 feet, 7 inches to 5 feet, 10 inches tall, between 170 and 180 pounds. He was wearing a black coat and faded blue jeans.

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