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What will the city do about the smell coming from the Tosa dump?

Issue: Our reader said that there was a smell that apparently traveled all the way to Walgreens at Mayfair Road and North Avenue and that it has become 'a nuisance.'

Status: Operations Supt. Kevin Hurst said he sometimes gets complaints about the odors from the dump, but noted the city hauls garbage away from the dump daily.

'Our building is immediately east of the area and with a prevailing western breeze I don't notice the smells,' Hurst said. 'It could be that they come from the leaves that are brought into the recycling area.' He said the leaves eventually are readied for compost that is hauled away.

'They may smell those rotting leaves before composting,' he said. 'We have a new contractor this year that has been grinding the leaves and then they mix that with soil and sand and then they regularly haul that away to be reused. They are doing a good job.'

The city's garbage dump and recycling operations have existed just north of Walnut Street and east of 116th Street for years. The city's residential growth has brought more peoople near that operation.

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