Council mistaken in not funding Center Street Park

To the editor:

I am very disappointed in the Wauwatosa Common Council's decision to decline modest funding for upgrades to the Center Street Park softball fields. This is short-sighted by the council.

As a past director of the Tosa Girls' Fastpitch Softball league, I know of the extensive growth of this and other local girls' softball leagues. The demand for serviceable and safe fields is very high. The Center Street Park site could provide much needed relief in scheduling practices and games for local girls' softball.

Alderman Jeff Roznowski's comments are puzzling. Tosa Baseball League is providing $15,000 towards field improvements — dollars it has saved for field improvements over several years and twice the amount requested of the city of Wauwatosa — and Mr. Roznowski complains about a 'lack of private fundraising'? Mr. Roznowski, let me be clear. Tosa Baseball has been 'fundraising' (a.k.a., responsibly budgeting) year after year through its player registrations in order to save for field improvements, and just because the funds are not the result of a separate targeted campaign does not mean it was not well planned.

I strongly encourage the common council to reconsider their position and vote to improve the safety and health of a park that will be heavily used by Wauwatosa residents even though it's in Milwaukee. I strongly encourage the common council to show a vote of support for girls' sports by agreeing to provide the modest funds requested for the field upgrades.

Christopher H. Raebel

Past director, Tosa Girls Fastpitch Softball


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