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What is Jennings Park and how long has that sign been up?

Issue:A reader who saw the Jennings Park sign along Bluemound Road at St. Anne's Court asked those questions. She said she has lived nearby for 25 years.

Status:Jennings Park is the neighborhood bounded by Bluemound Road on the south, 76th Street on the east, Honey Creek Parkway on the west and roughly Geralayne Drive on the north. Signs only recently went up around the neighborhood's perimeter after the Jennings Park Neighborhood Association took advantage of a new city partnership that shares the cost of such signage.

Jennings Park Neighborhood Association President Doug Bell said signage helps personalize the area.

'Like a lot of neighborhoods here, this is a close-knit community where kids walk to schools and neighbors know each other,' Bell said.

Cost-sharing for signs has the associations picking up the cost for creating the signs and the city paying for the brackets and installation.

'Signs need to be approved by the city (for content and size),' said Robin Luther, president of the Neighborhood Assnocation Council. 'We have something really unique here,' she said, meaning the 30 neighborhood associations that exist throughout the city.

Associations that want more information about the signage program can contact Marion Sodnik, business manager of the city's Public Works Department, at (414) 471-8423.

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