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Will the 2100 building ever be built?

Issue: That's the question from two readers within the past couple of months. They refer to the empty lot at 2100 N. Mayfair Road.

'They demolished an office building a year or two ago but nothing has happened on the site since,' said one reader. 'Do the developers have something else in mind now that there has been a saturation of apartment developments proposed in the city and surrounding area?' asked the other.

Status: The apartment complex will break ground in spring 2016, said John Czarnecki, one of the project's developers. That was confirmed by the city's Development Director Paulette Enders.

'It's important to make sure the project is completed at the right time,' Czarnecki said. A project like this is about 11 or 12 months in the making and the best time to offer the apartments would be in spring 2017.

Czarnecki said the project also has waited for final approved by the city and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Some adjustments have been made by the developers since the project's original proposal in 2014. The building length will be 80 feet shorter than orginally proposed, and the number of apartments will be reduced from 134 to 100.

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