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Why so many traffic lights operating so closely on Bluemound Road?

Issue: A reader noticed three operating traffic lights between 95th Street and 97th Street, one of which will control traffic from and onto the freeway once ramps are completed. He said the presence of the freeway controls 'makes absolutely no sense' before the ramps are open.

Status: Installing and operating lights prior to their complete practical use is a part of the DOT's construction process, said spokesman Michael Pyritz. He said it is part of sequencing the work.

'We are building various access points, so we need to know what they will look like with the new lanes,' Pyritz said. 'It's making sure that the traffic controls function as well as possible because once the ramps are open, everything will be in place for immediate use.'

Acknowledging the three traffic control points in close proximity along Bluemound Road, Pyritz pointed to the heavy traffic pattern, which likely will continue after ramps are opened because the Wisconsin Avenue ramps will remain closed.

'We get a lot of questions because of the changes that we need to make while the Zoo Interchange project continuse,' he said. The best way to keep up with all the details is to visit the DOT's Web site, and go to Southeast Region and Zoo Interchange information.

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