The fourth grade is looking forward to a field trip to First Stage Children's Theater's production of 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. Students will receive a presentation from CBS 58 News meteorologist Drew Burgoyne as an extension of their science unit on weather.


The students at Jefferson Elementary School are currently working on 'striking' skills in gym class. The children in senior kindergarten and first grade are striking foam tennis balls and soft volleyballs over tennis nets to improve their hand-eye coordination and their teamwork skills. The second- and third-grade students are striking soft tennis balls and bumping volleyballs over tennis nets. Because the fourth- and fifth-grade students only meet twice a week, the students have been challenged to select from 10 core and 10 upper body exercises to practice at home. Each week they are expected to return a completed workout sheet.


Every year Kradwell students partake in several service projects. One of the annual service projects has been collecting nonperishable foods for the Hunger Task Force. Right before the holiday break, Kradwell students collected and donated over $220 and over 300 pounds of food. Dianne Patzfahl-Vorce, one of Kradwell's veteran teachers, oversees the project. The students organize the project.


Lincoln Elementary is having an open house and gallery night on Jan. 20. Students have created individual artwork that is displayed around the school. Each classroom created artwork with different themes that will be auctioned off in the gym.


Madison first-graders are learning how to convey their opinion about a topic or idea in writing, and are learning that they need to have many compelling reasons to support their opinion.


Spanish classes are in the midst of a unit about travel and transportation. First-graders are taking virtual field trips. They will create a story about what they see and do on their ideal field trip. Second-graders are taking an imaginary trip around the city to gather supplies for an imaginary party they are planning. Third-grade students are pretending to travel around the state and planning trips based on things they like to do. Fourth-grade students are taking a virtual road trip throughout the United States. Fifth-graders are taking a 'trip' to Costa Rica.


A representative from the American Heart Association addressed students to help them understand how the heart works, how exercise affects their hearts and how to stay fit for life. Roosevelt will support the American Heart Association by participating in Jump Rope for Heart during physical education classes at the end of January.


During art studio day with teacher Harper Marten, third-grade students created a textile by weaving on a handmade card loom. Once the weaving is complete, they'll sew on the face of an imaginary creature of their design.

In science, the fourth-grade Fireflies at Underwood used teamwork to research a topic about weather and climate, and created Google slide presentations or posters. They're discovering why Earth's poles are so cold and what it would be like to live in countries and climates around the world.

In social studies, students are using Chrome Books to research regions of the United States. These high interest content area projects help improve writing across the curriculum.


Fifth-grade Washington students will travel to Discovery World on Jan. 12.

They also will head to the Tosa West Planetarium on Jan. 15. In conjunction with the Sangari science unit, 'Universe,' students will be able to identify and classify planets in the solar system.

The junior kindergarten students will be learning about different modes of transportation this week, such as trains, planes, and automobiles.

Wauwatosa Montessori

Children's House has been learning to peel potatoes, and planted an amaryllis bulb to watch it grow. They participated in a sign language lesson and are learning about weather patterns of snow.

The Lower Elementary students studied calendars, researched classroom pets and alsp have been practicing mindfulness, grace and courtesy.

The Upper Elementary students have been refreshing writing skills, were introduced to Google Sheets, and are using timelines and geometry.

The Adolescent Program students finished up their astronomy/physics unit and also worked on scale drawing.


On the day before the holiday break, teacher Kelly Hetzel's AP Literature class worked with Teacher Tom Norstrem's Advanced English 10 class to model and guide Socratic Seminar work. This work facilitates a transition from 10th grade to AP work, and reinforces for the upperclassmen the skills they regularly use in their AP classes.


Students competed in the Annual All-District Spelling Bee. Girls basketball is in full swing, with all three teams having their first home games on Thursday, Jan. 14. The Whitman wrestlers have been preparing for the upcoming season.


Upper elementary students at Wilson/WSTEM continue to wear pedometers to track steps. Greater participation is showing as a result. Students are also learning about and participating in activities which teach the components of fitness. Both health-related and skill-related fitness components are also reinforced with the new Fitness Trail activities.

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