The Wauwatosa School Board elected its new leadership at the May 8 board meeting, including new president Shawn Rolland, 35.

The hierarchy for the next year is now in place for the reshaped board that includes three new members selected by voters in the 2017 spring election. 

The single round of voting for president included four votes for Rolland, two for Sharon Muehlfeld and one for former president Mike Meier. Muehlfeld was subsequently elected as vice president.

Rolland said he will utilize a strategy that includes three Ps — plan, promotion and protection — as he steers the meetings and agendas in the weeks to come.

"I will execute the strategic plan the district and the board have put forward," Rolland said. "Promote the success stories, and protect the schools by making sure we can influence the conversation to ensure that the schools are funded adequately." 

School board presidents and vice presidents are not eligible to serve more than two consecutive one-year terms, according to state statutes. The law also sets the parameters for the election of school board officers, including that any vote that includes a majority will determine the winner. If there is not a majority the voting will extend to additional rounds until a majority is determined.

Mike Phillips was elected treasurer; Emily Kenney was elected clerk.

Other board members are Steve Doman, Leigh Anne Fraley and Meier.

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