The small-town facade welcomes patients into a modern yet calming space where trendy glasses and smiling faces await. Warm colors saturate the walls while an upright piano serves as an invitation. Inside the exam rooms, patients quickly see that Be Spectacled, 7605 Harwood Ave., is more than an optometry clinic, but a place where patients leave as friends.

Since November of 2010, Dr. Mark Veth and his staff at Be Spectacled have been providing patients with more than just exceptional eye care, but with service that extends to the person’s whole well-being.

Veth began his career seeing patients pre- and post-Lasik operation at a local clinic while simultaneously working for a full-scope clinic in Fond du Lac. When the local clinic closed, Veth took the opportunity to open his own practice. He found Wauwatosa to be the perfect mix of small-town feel and easy accessibility from around the area.

“I really love the village,” Veth said. “Wauwatosa people tend to be very supportive of local businesses.”

His clinic is no exception. Be Spectacled serves many patients associated with the Medical College of Wisconsin, as well as folks from Wauwatosa and beyond. The clinic offers comprehensive eye exams, glasses and glasses fitting, contact lens fitting, pre- and post-Lasik operation exams and emergency eye care.

Staff members are experts at helping customers sort through the large but manageable selection of frames to find the perfect pair.

“I want everyone to look good in their glasses,” said Veth. “Everyone that works here is really, really good at making people feel comfortable. As we get to know our customers, we know what they want and will help guide and make sure their glasses will fit their prescription. We want our customers to have access to the best optics you can get and that really do look good.”

Patients are made an active part in their care by not only having their eye health treated, but by staff teaching them ways that they can prevent or reduce eye complications and vision loss. Veth explained that eye exams can reveal systemic issues such as thyroid disorders, signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and autoimmune issues.

“I’ll be an advocate for them up until they can see the right person for follow up,” he said.

The idea of vision loss makes a lot of people nervous, but staff members approach the subject as they would want to be treated. They seek to create an experience that people can relate to and will remember.

Veth and Be Spectacled’s dedication to serving people and the community doesn’t stop with providing exceptional care to their patients. The clinic is periodically host to various events. As a piano player since the age of four, Veth can be found playing for folks at Hart Park Square. He’s also the founder of First Responders Fest, which will be celebrating its fifth year this summer.

Be Spectacled

WHAT: An optometry clinic that offers comprehensive eye exams, glasses and glasses fittings, contact lens fitting, pre- and post-Lasik operation exams and emergency eye care.

ADDRESS:7605 Harwood Ave., Wauwatosa

MORE INFORMATION:Visit www.bespectacledeyes.com or call 414-453-1300.


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