Coffee, exercise and pet healthcare will soon be housed in a remodeled building that was the former site of a Wauwatosa car dealership.

Stone Creek Coffee, PowerCycle, 9 Round Kickboxing and Harwood Veterinary Hospital are scheduled to open this year at 7954 Harwood Ave. A fifth tenant is still being sought by the project developers the Luther Group.

The 9,050-square-foot building has been vacant for at least five years and was originally built as a car dealership.

"The location is fantastic," developer Andy Fishler said. "They built it structurally sound because they put cars on the roof."

The building will be available for occupancy by its tenants within the next few weeks. Stone Creek Coffee is scheduled to open in July; the cycle class and kickboxing businesses are slated for May openings. It is unknown when the veterinary clinic will be ready to operate.

Dave Vogel from the Wauwatosa Historical Society said the building was constructed around 1936 by John Dietz and it was the site of his auto dealership until the early 1970s. It later was occupied by other businesses, including Vilar Arts Inc. and Copy Boy Graphics printing.

"Dietz originally sold Nash model automobiles," Vogel said. "In 1954, the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation merged with the Hudson Motor Car Company to form American Motors Corporation. Dietz was selling AMC vehicles, including Ramblers, into at least the early 1970s."

According to a release from the Luther Group, the property has many features that make it attractive to both businesses and consumers, including its close proximity to the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center and the Wauwatosa Village District and being in a “very walkable” location.

"We looked at it as a great place to develop," Fishler said. "I think it is great for the area. A gateway to the Village."

The parking lot, which will be paved in late May, is accessible from two entry points and will hold up to thirty vehicles. Fishler said neighbors were originally concerned about customers of the businesses parking on the street but he believes the selection of tenants will assist in keeping parking issues to a minimum.

"All of the tenants have been with us from the get-go," Fishler said. "They have been very patient and good to work with. We did our best to pick tenants we knew would complement each other."

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