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Why are the traffic lights at Mayfair Road at North Avenue so inconsistent?

Issue: The couple who asked this question said they noticed a different left-turn-arrow timing while waiting to turn from westbound North Avenue to southbound Mayfair Road.

Specifically, they noticed eastbound North Avenue traffic got much more time, thus causing them a delay.

“Why such a short arrow to turn left onto Mayfair Road to go south when there’s plenty of cars in both of the left turns on North Avenue that want to get through?” they wrote.

Status: Depending on the overall traffic volume in both directions, signals are programmed to react and favor certain directions,” said DOT spokesman Michael Pyritz. He said the adaptive signal system that operate all along Mayfair Road intersections reacts to the volume of vehicles in all lanes, including the turning lanes.

“There are cameras and other devices that are at work,” Pyritz said. “The signals actually talk to each other and anticipate traffic approaching from other intersections.”

He noted the system is meant to aid the highest volume of traffic first.

“I’m sure it can be frustrating at times to see other lanes moving first,” he said.

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