The Wauwatosa School Board has three new members.

In the two contested races that were part of Tuesday's spring election, Michael Phillips claimed Seat 5 by beating incumbent Kristy Casey and Leigh Anne Fraley defeated Stan Zurawski for Seat 4.

Zurawski had resigned from the board in February due to a family health issue and had not been campaigning. His name remained on the ballot due to state laws.

Fraley said she is proud of the "grassroots" campaign she ran and appreciated the assistance she received from former colleagues and friends.

"During my campaign I did a lot of listening and asking questions," Fraley said. "I am going into the position with a deep understanding of Tosa from a neighborhood and school perspective."

In the other contested race Phillips said he was gratified that the citizens of Wauwatosa put trust in him to be a member of the board.

"I feel fortunate to have the time to devote to one of Wauwatosa's biggest assets," Phillips said. "I am honored that the people of Wauwatosa entrusted me to be one of the caretakers of that asset."

Steve Doman ran unopposed for Seat 7 because Brian Bawden did not seek re-election.

Sharon Muehlfeld remained in Seat 6 and also ran unopposed.

The Wauwatosa School Board is comprised of seven members elected on the basis of citywide numbered seats to three-year terms. Three seats are up for election one year (2016) and four the next (2017). The third year (2018) is an off year, and there are no school board elections. School board members serve without monetary compensation.

Vote Totals:

Seat 4

Leigh Anne Fraley - 5,312
Stan Zurawski - 1,436

Seat 5

Kristy Casey (inc.) - 2,815
Michael Phillips - 3,494

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