Voters going to the polls for the April 4 election will mostly see county and state officials on the ballot. Locally, the only names will be for four school board races, and just two of those races are contested.

School board

The Wauwatosa School Board is composed of seven members elected on the basis of citywide numbered seats to three-year terms. Three seats are up for election one year (2016) and four the next (2017). The third year (2018) is an off year, and there are no school board elections.  School board members serve without monetary compensation.

The races are as follows:

Seat 4:

  • Stan Zurawski (inc.)
  • Leigh Anne Fraley

Seat 5:

  • Kristy Casey (inc.)
  • Michael Phillips

Seat 6:

  • Sharon Muehlfeld (inc.) - unopposed

Seat 7:

  • Steve Doman - unopposed 

Stan Zurawski resigned Feb. 27 for a family health reason, but his name will remain on the ballot. He was appointed to the seat in December. If Zurawski wins, he has the option of declining the position or rejoining the board. Zurawski said he does not intend to spend time campaigning for the position, but that could change if his family situation improves.

Fraley has said she will continue to campaign as if this race were proceeding as normal. Fraley had also applied for the open seat that went to Zurawski in December.

Seats 4 and 5 will each see two names on the ballot, while Seats 6 and 7 will be uncontested. Prospective candidates were required to declare their intentions to run by Jan. 3.

Seat 7 incumbent Brian Bawden is not seeking re-election.

In addition to Zurawski, Fraley, Phillips and Doman applied for the vacant Seat 4 in December.

Also on the ballot

Other races on the ballot are for state superintendent of public instruction and 14 judicial races. In the race for state superintendent, incumbent Tony Evers is facing challenger Lowell E. Holtz. The judical races are mostly uncontested with the exception of Branch 47.

In addition, there is also a single Milwaukee County referendum on the ballot asking voters whether they approve County Executive Chris Abele's proposal for a $60 vehicle registration fee to provide funding for transit and transportation-related projects.

Polling locations

After negotiations and an agreement between the school board and the common council, the council approved polling locations for 2017 only. The polling stations will be revisited by the board and the council for 2018 and beyond.

Voters in several wards will see a change to their polling locations this year.

Those living in Wards 9, 18, 19 & 21 will be reassigned to cast ballots at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 12012 W. North Ave.

Voters in Ward 8 will vote at the public works building, 11100 W. Walnut Road. According to the city, the change will affect about 6,100 voters.

Below are the polling places for 2017 (*indicates location change from previous elections):

District 1 

  • Ward 1: Fire Station No. 1, 1463 Underwood Ave.
  • Wards 2 and 3: Wauwatosa Woman's Club, 1626 N. Wauwatosa Ave.

Districts 2 & 3

  • Wards 4 and 5: City Hall, 7701 W. North Ave.
  • Ward 6 and 7: Wilson School, 1060 Glenview Ave.
  • Ward 8*: Public Works Building, 11100 Walnut Road
  • Ward 9*: Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 12012 W. North Ave.

District 4

  • Ward 10: Hart Park, 7300 Chestnut Road
  • Wards 11 & 12: Jefferson School, 6927 Maple Terrace

District 5

  • Ward 13: Wauwatosa Public Library, Firefly Room, 7635 W. North Ave.
  • Wards 14 & 15: Roosevelt School, 2535 N. 73rd St.

Districts 6 & 7

  • Wards 16 and 17: McKinley School, 2435 N. 89th St.
  • Ward 18, 19 and 21*: Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 12012 W. North Ave.
  • Ward 20*: Public Works Building, 11100 Walnut Road

District 8

  • Ward 22: Currie Park, 3535 N. Mayfair Road
  • Wards 23 and 24: Madison School, 9925 W. Glendale Ave.
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