Wauwatosa police arrested a man Friday morning after police say he ran from a stolen vehicle and was found hiding in a garage.

Wauwatosa Police Lt. Gary Gabrish said the man was arrested at 7:18 a.m. Friday, March 24 for being a passenger in a stolen vehicle and obstructing an officer. Gabrish said the man ran from the police after a stolen vehicle was approached by an officer in a squad car at the Speedway Gas Station, 6804 W. North Ave.

Gabrish said when the investigating officer turned on the squad's emergency lights, one person jumped back into the vehicle, while another took off on foot into the surrounding neighborhood. The person in the vehicle drove away and the officer pursued the fleeing man on foot.

Additional officers arrived to the area and set up a perimeter. When they did a yard-by-yard search, Gabrish said police found the man hiding in a vehicle in a garage of a private residence.

"The vehicle was open and the garage was unlocked," Gabrish said. "We search everything."

The location of the stolen vehicle is currently unknown. The man arrested is in police custody and an investigation is underway, Gabrish said.

The stolen vehicle was spotted by the squad while it was westbound on West North Avenue near North 65th Street. Gabrish said an officer identified the vehicle as suspicious and began tracking it, which led to the arrest.

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