The race for Wauwatosa School Board Seat No. 4 could be interesting to watch. Or it might not be a race at all.

Stan Zurawski's Feb. 27 resignation created unknowns in the school board race against Leigh Anne Fraley. Zurawski resigned from the board due to a family health reason but his name will remain on the ballot due to state election laws. The board appointed Stan Zurawski to be its seventh member on Dec. 5.

Zurawski had declared his intention to run for the position and, according to Superintendent Administrative Assistant Connie Galante, his name will remain on the April 4 ballot. If Zurawski wins he has the option of declining the position or rejoining the board.

Zurawski said he does not intend to spend time campaigning for the position, but that could change if his family situation improves. Fraley has declared that she will continue to campaign as if this race were proceeding as normal. Fraley had also applied for the open seat that went to Zurawski in December.

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