Voters in Wauwatosa found their way to new voting locations during the spring primary.

After a process initiated by the Wauwatosa School Board created the need for some voting location changes, Feb. 21 voting proceeded without incident, according to Wauwatosa's city clerk.

The 2017 location changes affected voters who previously cast ballots at Whitman Middle School (Wards 18 & 19) who now vote at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 12012 W. North Ave., and those who previously voted at Underwood Elementary School (Wards 8, 9, & 21), who voted at the Public Works Building, 11100 W. Walnut Road (Ward 8) or at Mt. Zion (Wards 9 and 21).

"Mt. Zion went really well," Wauwatosa city clerk Carla Ledesma said. "I did not get any phone calls from people upset they could not find where to vote."

In a race that saw the relatively low turnout of 15 percent, Ledesma said she would be supporting continuing to utilize Mt. Zion for voting beyond 2017. The school board and the city have agreed to revisit the new locations, and all voting spots, for 2018.

"It was a good way for new locations to get the kinks out," Ledesma said. "The church was careful not to have any religious symbols in places where the voters were in the building."

Ledesma said the church has many good qualities that the city needs to host voting, including a lot of parking and a good room in which to conduct the proceedings.

The other change directed voters to the Public Works Building. Ledesma said she would not recommend continuing voting at that location because it presented logistical challenges, including affecting parking and other building operations.

"We will be looking for something more suitable and convenient for voters," Ledesma said.

The only race on the Feb. 21 ballot in Wauwatosa was a primary for state school superintendent. Incumbent Tony Evers captured the most votes statewide and in Wauwatosa. Evers will face second-place finisher Lowell Holtz on April 4. John Humphries finished a distant third both in Wisconsin and locally.

On the April 4 ballot in Wauwatosa will be four school board races — two contested, the state superintendent race, several judicial races and one county referendum.

The voting location adjustments are a result of discussions between city officials, the school district and the Wauwatosa School Board. The district opened the discourse about voting in schools due to concerns about security and disruptions associated with voters casting ballots during school hours.

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