In celebration of Black History Month, the organization Tosa Together is hosting an event at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22 in the Firefly Room of the Wauwatosa Library.

The focus of the gathering will be on local students who will be celebrating African-American accomplishments and strengths through song, poetry and readings.

A flyer released by the organization invites the public to come and "enjoy light refreshments, meet neighbors and friends and learn more about the origin of Black History Month."

Tosa Together says the group will be discussing why Black History Month began, when it started and who is responsible for its creation.

"What happens when we come together to celebrate?” Tosa Together representative Katherine Riebe said.  “We grow in our respect and in our connection with one another.”

Tosa Together says they are a group of Wauwatosa residents who have a goal of working for a more diverse and welcoming community. Riebe serves on the Tosa Together leadership group.

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