Some voters headed to Wauwatosa polling stations for the Feb. 21 primary will be casting ballots in new locations in 2017.

Voters affected by the changes were mailed bright orange postcards by the city clerk's office Feb. 1 notifying them of their new polling stations.

The location changes will affect those who previously voted at Whitman Middle School (Wards 18 & 19) who will now vote at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 12012 W. North Ave., and those who previously voted at Underwood Elementary School (Wards 8, 9, & 21), who will now vote at the Public Works Building, 11100 W. Walnut Road (Ward 8) or at Mt. Zion (Wards 9 and 21).

The adjustments are a result of discussions between city officials, the school district and the Wauwatosa School Board. The district opened the discourse about voting in schools due to concerns about security and disruptions associated with voters casting ballots during school hours.

After negotiations and an agreement between the school board and the common council, an ordinance was approved by the council Jan. 17 affirming the locations for 2017 only. The polling stations will be revisited by the board and the council for 2018 and beyond.

The primary for state superintendent of public instruction is the lone race on the Feb. 21 ballot in Wauwatosa.

Voting at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church takes place in the handicapped-accessible Fellowship Hall. Voters can enter off of the parking lot on the north side of the building.

Voting at the Public Works building will take place in the handicapped-accessible cafeteria. Voters should approach the building from North 116th Street and turn onto Walnut Road just south of the police department.

Below are the polling places for 2017 (*indicates location change from previous elections):

District 1 

Ward 1: Fire Station #1, 1463 Underwood Ave.
Wards 2 & 3: Wauwatosa Woman's Club, 1626 N. Wauwatosa Ave.

Districts 2 & 3

Wards 4 & 5: City Hall, 7701 W. North Ave.
Ward 6 & 7: Wilson School, 1060 Glenview Ave.
Ward 8*: Public Works Building, 11100 Walnut Road
Ward 9*: Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 12012 W. North Ave.

District 4

Ward 10: Hart Park, 7300 Chestnut Road
Wards 11 & 12: Jefferson School, 6927 Maple Terrace

District 5

Ward 13: Wauwatosa Public Library, Firefly Room, 7635 W. North Ave.
Wards 14 & 15: Roosevelt School, 2535 N. 73rd St.

Districts 6 & 7

Wards 16 & 17: McKinley School, 2435 N. 89th St.
Ward 18, 19 & 21*: Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 12012 W. North Ave.
Ward 20*: Public Works Building, 11100 Walnut Road

District 8

Ward 22: Currie Park, 3535 N. Mayfair Road
Wards 23 & 24: Madison School, 9925 W. Glendale Ave.

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