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Why doesn’t the city allow for more left turns for eastbound Harmonee Bridge traffic onto Menomonee River Parkway?

Issue: Our reader pointed out that the left turn sign from eastbound Harmonee bridge restricts left turns during busy morning and afternoon drive times. She wondered why traffic couldn’t have an option with a traffic signal such as a short-term arrow or some other method. As it stands, she said traffic becomes congested further east at Wauwatosa Avenue.

Status: City officials including Traffic and Electrical Supt. Randy Michelz and City Engineer Bill Wehrley said a left turn signal or other option for eastbound traffic would then delay westbound traffic, which is just as heavy during peak times.

They both noted that the intersection does not allow room for a dedicated left turn lane.

“What you see now is not typical for that area because it is affected by local road construction in the village and on the freeways,” Wehrley said. “Once that is complete, we will study all of the traffic and traffic signals in and around the village to determine if we need to make adjustments in the traffic signals.”

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