Two of the four open Wauwatosa School Board seats will be contested in the April 4 spring election.

The Wauwatosa School Board is comprised of seven members elected on the basis of citywide numbered seats to three-year terms. Three seats are up for election one year (2016) and four the next (2017). The third year (2018) is an off year, and there are no school board elections.  School board members serve without monetary compensation.

Seats 4 and 5 will each see two names on the ballot while Seats 6 and 7 will be uncontested. Prospective candidates were required to declare their intentions to run by Jan. 3.

The races are as follows:

Seat 4:

  • Stan Zurawski (inc.)
  • Leigh Anne Fraley

Seat 5:

  • Kristy Casey (inc.)
  • Michael Phillips

Seat 6:

  • Sharon Muehlfeld (inc.) - unopposed

Seat 7:

  • Steve Doman - unopposed 

The incumbent in Seat 7 is Brian Bawden and he is not running to retain his seat. Zurawski was appointed to the board to replace Mary Jo Randall in December 2016. In addition to Zurawski, Fraley, Phillips and Doman applied for vacant Seat 4 in December.

Bawden said he decided not to run due mainly to family issues, but also cited a desire to travel. He said he was not sure if he would run again in the future.

"I needed to take the time to take care of my family," Bawden said. "When your family gets up in age and has health issues, it takes more of me and my wife's time."

On the school board's website it says that the most important function of the school board is to set policy for the district and that the policies set by the board act as guidelines for parents/guardians, students and staff to follow while working toward the district's goals.

Biographies of each candidate will be posted in the coming weeks on Wauwatosa Now.

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