On Thursday, Dec. 1 the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will present information to the public regarding an ongoing traffic study of Highway 100. The goal of the meeting is to share project information and obtain public input.

The meeting is being held at the Research & Technology Center, 10437 Innovation Dr., Room 121. You can register online for either the 11 a.m. or the noon presentation.

The study began in 2013 and is scheduled for completion in 2018. The 10-mile corridor that is being investigated focuses on two different sections of the roadway and does not include an approximate 1-mile section between I-94 and Watertown Plank Road. That part of the highway is not being studied because it was reconstructed in 2013 as part of the Zoo Interchange project.

The sections being studied include:

  • South section: A 4.8-mile section between Layton Avenue and I-94 in the cities of Greenfield and West Allis
  • North section: A 5-mile section between Watertown Plank Road and Silver Spring Drive in the cities of Wauwatosa and Milwaukee

The DOT says that there are 75,000 jobs and 2,600 businesses within a 1-mile radius of the areas beings studied.

The project managers say that they are focusing the study on the traffic lights at all intersections, the potential need for additional lanes, addressing bicycle and pedestrian accommodations and evaluating access location and median openings to improve highway safety and efficiency.

According to the DOT website, the crash rates in those areas are higher than the statewide average (for similar highways) along 75 to 80 percent of the Highway 100 corridor. Crashes involving injuries are also above the statewide average for most of the corridor, with an average of three injury crashes per week along both sections of Highway 100.

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