First year Wauwatosa East orchestra teacher, Michael Hayden has been awarded the Melvin F. Pontious Creative Sparks in Music Education Award. The honor was bestowed upon Hayden Oct. 27 at the Wisconsin Music Educators Association State Conference in Madison.

Hayden, who won the award for work he had done at a previous teaching position, worked with fellow Wauwatosa teacher Will Ulrich to create a curriculum for both Wauwatosa East and Wauwatosa West high schools. The two teachers based the field of study off of classes Hayden was involved in at previous schools where the students make music in a computer music lab.

“East and West High School have also started offering digital music courses," Hayden said. "(The new classes) are great examples of ways that schools, districts and communities are supportive in finding ways to encourage all students to be creative and help them make music.”

The Music Education Award is an annual recognition of creative music programs that foster imaginative, creative and innovative teaching practices in music education. Awards may recognize classroom experiences, extensions of the classroom and school, community and business relationships or partnerships.

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