Eisenhower Elementary

In Senior Kindergarten this week, we found out that there are three ways to read a book: Read the Pictures, Read the Words and Retell the Story. We practiced this when we read to ourselves during our Literacy time. We are building our stamina for reading. In Writer’s Workshop, we are working on adding details to our pictures and labeling our drawings. Our Jolly Phonics strategies are helping us stretch out the words that we write and read. We are on our way to becoming amazing readers and writers!

Jefferson Elementary

Students (SK-5) at Jefferson School have been actively participating in the Second Step Bullying Prevention lessons. We have reviewed the definition of bullying, how and when to report, and how to refuse bullying. Students are also learning how to be active bystanders in any situation where they suspect bullying may be occurring. Home Links are sent home with each of the four lessons delivered for families to review and discuss. If you have questions, feel free to contact your school social worker.

Madison Elementary

Third grade students at Madison are increasing their depth of knowledge in reading by researching animals and applying skills and strategies acquired in Treasures - a program our district teachers use to support the elementary reading curriculum - to their research.

McKinley Elementary

General Music classes at McKinley Elementary have been focusing on targeting individual learning through the use of drums, barred off instruments, and recorders. Students work in the large group and then each student has an opportunity to play their own part on the instruments. It has been wonderful to see the growth in self-confidence as the students work from large group to individual performances.

Our Redeemer Lutheran School

Eighty-two middle school students from eight area LCMS schools joined 12 Lutheran High School mentors and 12 school advisors on Monday, Oct. 17, for the first ever LEAD Project at ORLS. This project trains Christian youth in leadership under the theme “Lifting, Equipping, Affirming and Developing Young Christian Leaders for Today and Tomorrow.” Event I featured main speaker, Gretchen Jameson, Senior Vice President for Strategy and University Affairs for Concordia University WI & Ann Arbor, MI. In addition, participants took part in group discussions, a leadership interview with Mr. John Ellenberger, MLHS teacher, as well as activities to encourage leadership skills. Middle school students were chosen by their administrators and teachers based on their academic performance, leadership potential and their service to school and community. LEAD Events II and III will be held at ORLS in February and May to continue this leadership training.

Roosevelt Elementary

An assembly was held last week featuring Matt Wilhelm, three-time BMX X-Games medalist and two-time National Champion. Matt presented an anti-bullying program empowering kids to stand up for others, stand up for themselves, and be everyday heroes. Our students heard the message loud and clear. They walked away inspired and ready to make a difference.

Underwood Elementary

Third grade students are being immersed in fractions! They are representing and identifying fractions with clay, string, paper, and water. This unit in mathematics will continue until early November.

Washington Elementary

Fifth grade students traveled to Camp Whitcomb Mason in Hartland on October 25. Students participated in team building activities that encourage them to work together to solve problems. They learned how to build a fire, studied the plants and animals living in Lake Keesus, and learned to shoot a bow and arrow and launch water rockets.

Wauwatosa Catholic

WCS sixth-graders are on the prowl for a hot shot! The students are exploring the world through the lens of a famous photographer in sixth grade design class. Ansel Adams, Robert Capa, Annie Leibovitz and several others are the topic for our oral presentations. As we grow comfortable with photography skills in the areas of landscape, action, portrait and the ever popular selfie, we expand our future by exploring our past.

Wauwatosa Montessori

At the Wauwatosa Montessori School, the Adolescent Program students are currently utilizing Hapara work space as the platform for their integrated unit titled “Decision 2016.” The unit is focused on the 2016 election process and has integrated reading as a focus throughout all content areas. Specifically, this unit has given students an opportunity to interact, communicate and learn about our global community from the lens of a citizen, our government and the whole world as they study our government, the election process, learn to comprehend, interpret, and evaluate primary and secondary sources while also recognizing author bias/influence and will culminate the unit through a debate on issues, learning to prepare and formulate arguments for both sides of a topic or process.

Wauwatosa School District

One of the four main objectives in our Strategic Plan is Continuous Improvement in Student Learning. Two of the specific measures for this goal are to increase the achievement level and growth in reading for all students and improving prevention efforts, identification of and plans for students with social and mental health issues that impact their learning. Included this week are some tangible ways teachers and schools are focusing their efforts in the classroom.

Wauwatosa STEM

Throughout the past few weeks, we have been learning about our skeletal system and creating a large skeleton within our classroom. It is great visual for our K/1 students.

Wauwatosa West

Freshman US History Classes are doing a multi-day WWI simulation where students are participating in a "worldwide simulation demonstrating the importance of alliances" to gain a hands on understanding of how WWI started. Advanced English freshmen students have been preparing for their literary term summative assessments next Tuesday by reading short stories, applying literary terms to those short stories and discussing how the author utilized the terms to enhance the meaning of the story.

Wilson Elementary

Our fourth and fifth Graders have started up on our K-Kids Service Organization again this year. This organization works to promote several service projects throughout the year that benefit our school and community. Additionally, the K-Kids promote spirit days that strengthen our school community and beyond!

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