The Wauwatosa City Treasurer's Office reported that letters have been sent in error to property owners who hold a mortgage with Wells Fargo regarding their property tax finances.

"We received a lot of phone calls and walk-ins from residents who received the letters," Michelle Dean, accounts payable office assistant said. "Wells Fargo will be following up with a second letter to tell their customers that the first letter was sent in error."

The letter indicates that property taxes or charges are past due, which has sparked many residents to call the city to get an explanation. When city employees first began to receive the calls, a quick review of the callers' property taxes found that the letter recipients are in good standing. Despite the erroneous letter, city employees will research the callers' records and give them the proper and updated information.

The property owners affected are those who have a mortgage with Wells Fargo, but do not have their property taxes in escrow. Wells Fargo could not be reached for comment regarding the letter.

For customers who have Wells Fargo mortgages, the phone number to call with any questions is 800-288-3212. Any Wauwatosa property taxpayer can check a tax balance on a property by using the property tax web portal at

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