Ivanka Trump spoke to a crowd of about 150 people at the Crowne Plaza Milwaukee West in Wauwatosa Thursday, Oct. 20 about her father Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Attendees at the rally were able to ask questions that ranged from her and her father's positions on education, student debt, border security, abortion and leadership.

During a question regarding Donald Trump's ability to keep America safe, Ivanka said she believes that her father is uniquely qualified to be the country's next president and that she has been witness to the expertise her father could bring to the job.

"A lot of decision-making at this level comes down to judgment and to instinct," Ivanka Trump said. "Dealing with ISIS and dealing with foreign threats that this country is facing is enormously complicated and incredibly challenging. My whole life I have seen him look at incredibly complex situations and distill them down into something that is actionable, something that is pragmatic."

A follow-up question dealt with the culture of the country that the audience member perceived to be one of the nation's biggest problems. Ivanka's response was followed by a burst of affection and agreement from the audience.

"He is not politically correct," Ivanka said. "He is not a politician."

Ivanka was asked about her feelings on the election process and the way her father has been treated by the media and the electorate from around the country during this campaign.

"This has been a wild process; we are not a family of politicians," Ivanka said. "But (Donald) is motivated by the enormous crowds. People all over this country who have such conviction and such firm belief in his message and his ability to create better lives for them and their families and to fix what 70 percent of the people think is crooked. And he will fix that."

Ivanka Trump arrived over an hour late for the event, scheduled for 12:30 p.m., blaming her tardy showing on a difficult travel schedule.

During her 29-minute appearance, Ivanka Trump did not address any issues directly related to the third and final presidential debate, held the night before. She was not made available to reporters following the rally.

Trump was introduced by Rachel Campos-Duffy, wife of U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy.

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