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Why is the crosswalk sign on Swan Boulevard blocking the Harding Boulevard street sign?

Issue: That question was posed to us by one driver who noticed the situation while driving north on Swan Boulevard.

“Can these signs be moved so the street sign is visible?” the motorist asked.

Status: The short answer is yes.

When we brought the issue to the attention of the city’s Traffic and Electrical Supt. Randy Michelz, he checked out the intersection on Google Maps.

“I can see how it obstructs the street sign,” he said. "We can change that.”

By Monday, Ask NOW saw the Harding Boulevard sign had been moved to the southwest corner and therefore more visible for northbound traffic.

Michelz said the crosswalk sign is constructed by Traffic & Parking Control, Inc. (TAPCO) of Brown Deer. The company is bound by the Manual on Traffic Control Devices, a federal guideline that sets the size of the signage. He said the city also is bound by those same guidelines, which meant moving the street sign.

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