Social Studies teachers Jill Koebernik, Alizah Ross and Tyler Bostedt coordinated the presentations of both the Democratic and Republican party members. It was a glimpse for students into the political realm and a preparation for the Election in November. This was a great opportunity for students to gain basic knowledge of both parties and the inner-workings of how a political party operates. Each representative gives the students the opportunity to ask questions about ideology and obtain information about volunteering.

Certified Nursing Assistant students are completing their first set of skills check-offs in class with our Registered Nurse Instructor. At this time they have completed infection control skills and are working on moving, lifting, and ambulation skills. Students learn and demonstrate over 65 skills needed to complete our State Certified Nursing Assistant program. ​

Introduction to Engineering Design students went to a field trip to TLX Technologies of Pewaukee to talk to engineers in a professional setting. A total of 48 students went on the field trip.


Our second-graders are learning about how urban, suburban, and rural communities are different from each other. They created pictures of things found in each type of community and worked together to sort their photos into either rural, suburban or urban categories. Students needed to present their argument or reasons why their object belonged in a certain category. Some objects belonged in more than one, i.e. a park bench could be found in both an urban and a suburban community.


The first grade classrooms at Lincoln Elementary spent a day measuring and weighing apples during math class. Each student brought an apple. In small groups they found the circumference and weight of their own apple. They also created story problems around their apples, created art projects, and of course, tasted their apples. They created apple trees using math to count apples, write digits, and tell stories. New vocabulary was practiced, new tools were used, and lots of learning took place. It was a delicious way to bring real world applications to our math learning.

Lincoln Leadership Club will be selling bags of popcorn every other Friday to raise money for our school’s composting efforts and Leadership Club service projects. Our first sale will take place Friday, Oct. 14.


In Science, fifth-graders at Madison are continuing on their first unit called “The Life of Animals.” The next few weeks will focus on how organisms depend on their environment for food, how life cycles are dependent on habitats, and animals that live in various ecosystems. Fifth-graders will also be completing an exciting lab activity in which the students will be separating owl pellets and documenting their components.


Beginning Orchestra: McKinley students in their first year of playing an instrument are working hard to master correct playing position. We learned about the music staff and how to read the open strings. Our newest tune is called "Supersleuth," which sounds like a detective sneaking around on tip toes. Advanced Orchestra: McKinley students in their second year (and beyond) of playing an instrument are working reading new key signatures in their music. We learned how to add or subtract sharps, naturals and flats based on the key signature information. Our newest tune is called "Ghost of John," which uses some of the lowest notes on the violin, viola, cello and bass.

Our Redeemer Lutheran

Students in grades five through eight spent last Friday afternoon raising funds for the American Heart Association via a three-on-three basketball mini-tournament.  Students collected pledges or paid a small entry fee to participate in this very worthwhile fundraiser.  There is nothing like having fun AND benefitting a cause at the same time.


Roosevelt's first- and third-grade classes participated in the Wauwatosa Fire Department Fire Safety House program. Students learned about fire safety and prevention and were able to practice those skills in a realistic, controlled environment.


Second-graders at Underwood Elementary are learning about solids, liquids and gases in Science. Last week, the essential question was, “Is an orange a solid or a liquid.” To help us answer the question we made observations and looked at the internal and external characteristics of an orange. Students learned about properties of matter; objects can be both a liquid and a solid. Mrs. Hahn & Mrs. Norstrem are the teachers for these classes.


Teachers and students at Washington are diving deep into mathematics. Teachers from all grade levels are giving students rigorous math tasks with multiple entry points which has led to some incredibly in-depth math conversations. From working with number sense in kindergarten, building devices to distinguish concave from convex in fourth grade, and blogging about math tasks in fifth grade, Washington teachers have been engaging the students from Day One.

Wauwatosa Catholic School

Our K5 students have been studying how rules and laws persuade others’ behavior.  They started in their classroom where they developed their classroom “Essential Agreement.”  As their assessment, they were asked to think of a rule or law for their school, classroom or home.  They presented and explained why this rule is necessary and purposeful.

Wauwatosa Montessori

This week at the Wauwatosa Montessori School, students in the lower elementary classrooms have been working hard on paragraphing skills by integrating these learned skills with Montessori lessons about the movements of the Earth and Solar System.

Wauwatosa STEM

In Spanish, we have been finishing up Unit 1 - Conociendonos/Getting to Know You. Students have been showcasing their interpersonal, interpretive, and presentation skills by singing songs, listening to and answering questions about native Spanish speakers, having conversations in Spanish, and creating posters about themselves. We will begin Unit 2 - Comunidad/Community next week.


This past week, Wilson grades SK through fifth traveled to Old World Wisconsin. We had students in the German Life area learning about bread making, wood working and weaving.  Some students tested out old family pastimes with indoor and outdoor games. Others learned how laundry was done, and the importance of the general store, blacksmith, and wagon shop. It was a fun and informational trip.

Rec Department 

Parents, looking for a break from your kids or some time to relax on your own? Get some peace and quiet on Saturday, Oct. 22 by kayaking down the Milwaukee River.  Visit to register for the Wauwatosa Recreation Department's adult kayaking day trip. After all, you deserve some time to yourself.

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