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What can be done about the condition of the La Fuente Restaurant?

Issue: A longtime nearby resident wrote, “We are very concerned about how poorly the restaurant is being maintained, at least from the outside. It appears that half the lights around the signs are burnt out. There are a total of four signs and each one is a mess. The words on the signs are missing letters. The paint is peeling on the signs. It looks very shabby.”

The reader asked if the restaurant could be contacted regarding the matter or if they could have a phone number of someone to contact in Wauwatosa.

Status: La Fuente, at the southeast corner of Bluemound Road and 92nd Street actually is in Milwaukee, though close to residents in the Ravenswood subdivision and other Tosa neighborhoods. Ask NOW visited the restaurant in response to this question. Luis Perez, a restaurant manager, told us the business is in the process of refurbishing all outdoor signage.

Wauwatosa officials said they have no say in the matter.

“Having worked in Milwaukee, I know the department that oversees code violations is overwhelmed with its workload,” said Joe Tilmann, Wauwatosa’s code enforcement officer.

Tim Hansen, one of two aldermen representing the area, said he does not have a relationship with his Milwaukee counterpart who represents the area.

Tillman suggested that anyone who has a concern about any nearby Milwaukee property should call Milwaukee’s property inspectors at 414-286-2268.

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