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Is the city going to finish repaving Underwood Parkway?

Issue: That question was sent to us regarding the section of Parkway between 119th Street and Bluemound Road.

"They did repave between 115th Street and 119th Street, but the remaining part of the road is in rough shape,” our reader wrote.

Status: Milwaukee County maintains Underwood Parkway. The immediate answer is the road will not be completely fixed in the short term. Instead, the county will continue to patch cracks and potholes as needed until a full reconstruction can be completed.

Jill Organ, chief of planning and development at Milwaukee County Parks, said that work along with other parts of the Parkway would be done after the DOT completes bridge reconstruction along the 45-freeway system. She noted the DOT “is likely to use the parkway road for access and that “it does not make sense for us to reconstruct the road only to have it damaged with heavy construction vehicles.”

Organ also noted Milwaukee County has limited funding for capital improvement projects, pointing to the recent Menomonee River Parkway reconstruction, and that other roads such as Kinnickinnic Parkway and Little Menomonee River Parkway are “in worse condition” than this portion of Underwood.

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