The Wauwatosa Police Department working closely with the Milwaukee police and other law enforcement agencies captured a man suspected of numerous crimes on the roof of a Milwaukee garage the morning of Aug. 24.

Darius Darnell Moffett, 20, was under investigation for several robberies and auto thefts in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa when he was tracked down in the 4400 block of West Martin Avenue. Moffett was allegedly in the midst of additional unlawful acts when an officer emerged from some bushes and ordered Moffett to the ground.  Moffett fled and after a short pursuit Wauwatosa officer Joseph Wong captured him on the rooftop.

"After several burglaries we put together an operation to (watch) (Moffett)," Lt. Brian Zalewski, public information officer said. "It was a collaborative team effort that led to his capture."

Moffett stole two cars in Wauwatosa, the first one in the 7300 block of West Grand Parkway Aug. 18 and the second one from the area around 60th and Wells streets Aug. 24.  He drove the two cars around town parking them at his girlfriend's house and use them for additional alleged crimes.

The suspect was able to access the vehicles that he was driving by cutting the screens of residents' doors and windows and entering homes and taking the keys. In the case of the vehicle taken from Wells Street he is suspected of taking the keys in the early morning hours of Aug. 24 and returning shortly before noon to take the car.

Surveillance on Moffett was already underway by the Milwaukee Police Department when the crimes were allegedly committed in Wauwatosa. That aided Wauwatosa law enforcement in conducting their investigation and eventually the capture of the suspect.  He was observed at the Probation and Parole building on North Port Washington Road where he boarded a bus to a nearby Home Depot where he was seen driving the car he stole from Grand Parkway.  At this contact he was able to elude the police.

A scheduling conference for Moffett will take place at 1:30 p.m. Sept. 27.

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