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When will Wisconsin at 95th Street be open and when will the zipper merge end on eastbound I-94?

Issue: Our reader is curious about these two Department of Transportation-managed projects.

Status: Both projects are works in progress and won’t be completed in the short term.

The Wisconsin Avenue bridge at 95th Street is being reconstructed as part of the DOT’s ongoing Zoo Interchange work. It is scheduled to be completed in spring 2017. The eastbound zipper merge at Moorland Avenue, also related to the freeway, is being managed without a specific deadline.

“In the case of the zipper merge, we will be moving lane closures and as that occurs, the zipper merge will be moved as needed,” said DOT Spokesperson Michael Pyritz.

Pyritz also said the best way to track road and highway access is by visiting www.511wi.gov, which includes construction project information.

“We also have a Facebook page and we work with all the major media outlets to communicate reminders to the public as access changes,” he said.

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