A new Wauwatosa Public Works Director was named Tuesday, Sept. 6.

The hiring of David Simpson — previously the public works director and city engineer for the city of Muskego — was approved by the city's common council earlier this week.

Simpson follows Bill Porter, who retired in May, had worked as the city's public works director since 2011. Operations Superintendent Kevin Hurst and Business Manager Marion Sodnik helped cover Porter's old duties until a new department director was named.

During his time as public works director for Muskego, Simpson implemented infrastructure and asset management systems, storm water management projects, building maintenance projects and street design, according to city documents. He was the project manager for Muskego's new city hall and police department projects. He also led a recent reorganization of the city's parks department which resulted in significant savings.

"I really look forward to serving the residents of a such a wonderful community with such a rich past and a bright future," said Simpson, who steps into the new role Oct. 3.

Mayor Kathy Ehley chose to appoint Simpson as the next director after consultation with other city staff members. The mayor’s appointment was subject to confirmation by the Wauwatosa Common Council.

Simpson has previously served as an engineer in Muskego and Brookfield. He has a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering and a master's degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in construction and public works management.

Simpson, who has worked for Muskego since 2008, was selected for the Wauwatosa job from a pool of about 30 candidates, including two that were from out of the country, said City Administrator Jim Archambo during a city committee meeting Sept. 6.

"We've very excited to get him on board," Archambo said.

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