Thunderstorms and heavy rain are expected to hit Wauwatosa this week.

Storms are predicted to arrive in the city Tuesday, Sept. 6 and Wednesday, Sept. 7. The city of Wauwatosa has offered proactive advice to help prevent basement flooding as a result of the forthcoming downpours. has predicted a 60 percent chance of rain for late Tuesday evening and an 80 percent chance of thunderstorms for Wednesday afternoon.

The city has provided the following tips to keep your basement free of water:

  • Clean your gutters today so water flows out and away from your house.
  • Put extensions on your downspouts to carry water away from your house and your neighbors.
  • Clean the sewer grates in the street in front of your house — especially if storms take down leaves and branches. This helps water flow into sewer system and out of the street to prevent flooding.
  • During a storm, stop using water for laundry, dishes or showers.

If residents see street flooding, popped manhole covers or downed tree limbs blocking the road, they should call the city’s 24-hour, seven-day hotline at 414-471-8422.

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