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What more is known about those Quonset huts just northeast of 68th Street and River Parkway?

Issue: A resident of nearby Hart Park Square wrote to us with some details and questions about the three metal structures.

She noted that the huts are typical of post-WWII buildings and seemed to be maintenance facilities, but wondered why they apparently haven’t been recently painted and whether they would be safe in storms.

She noticed a Milwaukee County Park address there and the amount of maintenance equipment stored there.

“Who actually owns this land?” and “How does a Quonset hut react in a tornado?” were among her questions.

Though she said she and other fellow Hart Square residents appreciate the work being done, she wondered if the structures reflect poorly on the city or even Hart Park Square.

Status: Jill Organ, chief of planning and development for the Milwaukee County Park District, confirmed the buildings are part of the district’s main maintenance yard that houses materials, vehicles and work areas for a variety of skilled trades servicing the parks. The land is owned by Milwaukee County.

Organ said the district has not received any complaints about the building conditions, adding they are secure and grounded to weather storms. She confirmed the probable 1950s age of the buildings and noted the current condition is largely the result of a financial balancing act with needed projects.

“For example, we are fixing the stairs and the pavilion at Jacobus Park,” Organ said. “We are out putting our resources toward a number of different projects and we think of ourselves last. We want to be good neighbors, so if the city told us we had to fix those buildings, we would. It would just take away from other things.”

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