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Little League Baseball Scorecard: June 25

June 24, 2009


(Three Weeks Ago)

Rookie Division

Crawdads 14, White Caps 6: Despite unseasonably cold weather, the Crawdads proved hot at the plate as Brian Dunn, Miles King and Brandon Harris all went 3-for 3.

Snappers 11, Iron Birds 10: The Iron Birds held on to the lead until the last inning, with the help of Alex Becker's unassisted double play at second base and Jaxson Salmon's powerful swing that earned him a triple.

Crawdads 11, Woodchucks 5: In the fifth, shortstop Nate Hemze speared a line drive and threw to first baseman Reilly Turk. A game-ending double play was executed by Reed Thompson, who snagged a shot up the middle and completed a heads-up throw to Miles King at first.

Crawdads 8, Blue Thunder 2: Reed Thompson went 3-for-3 and executed an impressive slide into third during the fifth. Rory Pulz was a batting powerhouse, not only getting on base in each of his three at-bats, but scoring three runs as well.

Woodchucks 8, Blue Thunder 2: Nolan Harris batted 1-for-3 and with a solid base hit in the first inning. Lennon Pries went 2-for-3 and played well at the catcher position. Sam Strohm had a solid game, going 2-for-2.

Snappers 6, Muck Dogs 3: The Muck Dogs showed solid defense, including a double play by Justice Taylor. Aaron Mosey and John Templeton each went 3-for-3 at the plate and each had an RBI.

Crawdads 11, Woodchucks 5: Nick Quandt and Ben Herbst made key defensive plays for the Woodchucks with the bases loaded and two outs. Ben Didier, Lewis Huenink, Kaleb Kranz and Remy Gaertner all had RBIs.

Snappers 11, Iron Birds 10: The Iron Birds held on to the lead until the last inning with the help of Alex Becker's unassisted double play at second base and Jaxson Salmon's powerful triple.

Crawdads 14, White Caps 6: Despite unseasonably cold weather, the Crawdads proved hot at the plate in their first league outing against the White Caps. Brian Dunn, Miles King and Brandon Harris all went 3-for-3.

American Division

Tigers 15, Red Sox 4: In the third, Micheal Tompson and Evan Guilford hit home runs, then Joseph Parish hit a triple and Logan Kerstetter, Myles Fish and David Kubicek all hit singles.

Twins 16, White Sox 10: The Twins Colin Bartleme pitched two shutout innings, and Jake Halsted was 3-for-3 with two triples. Jacob Greenberg went 2-for-3, and Zach Miller scored three runs, getting a double and two walks. Sam Stacey of the Sox had a great catch in center field while Morgan Gates caught a pop fly at first base. David Keane and Jacob Greenberg hit solid doubles in the fourth inning.

White Sox 20, Mariners 2: Joeseph Kopriva went 2-for-3 with a homer and a double, and Jacob Greenberg pitched two scoreless innings for the Sox. Charlie Bickle reached base on all three plate appearances, and Ben Reagan crushed a triple to center for the Mariners. The play of the game was the Sox's Zach Miller's unassisted double play from the mound.

White Sox 17, Rangers 13: White Sox Joseph Kopriva went 3-for-3 with two homers and a triple. Zach Miller went 3-for-3 with a single, double and triple. Jacob Klippel pitched a scoreless fourth inning with two strikeouts, and JP Kolb went 3-for-4 with an RBI for the Rangers.

Red Sox 9, Rays 9: The hitting stars for the Red Sox were Drew Reilly, who single and doubled, and Matt Konle, who drove in two RBIs and scored a run. Chris Bartelt, Ryan Kelnhofer, Seamus Stapleton and Drew Reilly all pitched scoreless innings.

Tigers 7, Rangers 1: Great pitching by Sage Schram, Jacob Klippel and Jonathon Duffy. Singles by Donald Foley, Sage Schram and Dominic Longo.

White Sox 17, Rangers 13: The Rangers attempted a comeback after being down by eight runs. Donald Foley had four hits, JP Kolb had three hits and Jacob Klippel and Rico Minucci each had two hits. Tyler Mabbett added to the hit parade with a double.

Red 12, Rangers 11: The Rangers again attempted a great comeback only to be defeated by one run. Great pitching by Jack Sullivan, excellent catching by Alexei Ward and nice catches by Dominic Longo and JP Kolb helped to spear the comeback. Hits were delivered by Jonathon Duffy, Sage Schram and Pierce Libbey.

Red Sox 12, Rangers 11: The hitting star was Dylan Glodoski with a single, double and two runs scored. Pitching was solid with the staff combining for 15 strikeouts led by Chris Bartelt with six strikeouts over two scoreless innings.

Twins 16, White Sox 10: Strong pitching and good catching were keys to success as the Twins overcame a four-run deficit. Catchers Truman Tyson, Michael Lockhart and Miles Phillips kept the Twins in contention throughout the game. Lockhart earned the save. Catchers Truman Tyson, Michael Lockhart and Miles Phillips kept the Twins in contention throughout the game. Lockhart earned the save.

Twins 18, Rays 3: Jonathan Knusta scored a smashing home run in the third inning with one RBI, while Adam Carlson caught a stunning high fly for the first out in the fifth inning. Will Kiesling slammed a line drive into the outfield for a two-base hit and one RBI. Solid team defense lead the Twins to victory.

National Division

Astros 16, Cardinals 15: The Astros scored four runs in the bottom of the sixth inning to rally past the Cardinals. To cap the rally Tighe Pallan knocked in Kyle Bernstein from third with nobody out for the winning tally. Nick Orlowski had six RBIs for the Cardinals.

(2 weeks ago)

World Division

Sidewinders 18, T-Bones 4: Jack Urban led the offensive charge with a single, double, triple and 6 RBI's. Jason West and Isaac Siegel each pitched a scoreless inning and struck out three batters. Richard Bauer made a diving catch at first base and Rhys Davies made a diving stop at third base then threw to Sam Minix for the force out at second base.

Bisons 11, Sea Dogs 0: The Bisons' bats remain hot with a win against the Sea Dogs. William Jushka went 2-3 with a home run and a double. Sam Keller provided two innings of solid pitching. Jacob Cieszynski received the Bisons' game ball for two key hits.

Surf Dawgs 14, Stingers 4: The game ball was earned by Nicholas Haydin on the mound with a six pitch inning in the third. Chris Fuerst hit a triple for three RBI's.

Riversharks 13, Wild Things 3: A 13 run second inning explosion set the tone for the Riversharks started by Hayden Wegner's RBI single and finished off by Vince Milan's double to center. Cole Tate also contributed a two RBI double and three strikeouts in his pitching debut and Kevin Maxey finished the game with an unassisted double play at shortstop.

Sidewinders 18, Sea Dogs 14: The Sea Dogs fell behind 17-4, but scored three runs in the third and seven runs in the final inning to mount a comeback. Bennett Carter had a two-run single and Joey DiGiovanni had an RBI single in the final inning.

Scorpions 5, Stingers 2: Scorpions pitcher Lathan Hay had six strikeouts in the team's first win of the season. Oliver Clausen led the winning effort with a triple to drive in three runs.

Red Hawks 10, Sea Dogs 3: The Red Hawks had RBI singles by Joey Collura, Andrew Hiruz, Daniel Palec and Jack Glynn. These Red Hawks pitchers held the Sea Dogs scoreless: Owen Knezel, Chris Klempey, Jack Glynn and Joey Collura.

Mud Hens 11, Sidewinders 3: Four Mud Hens pitchers - Drew Daniels, Ryan Greener, Patrick Niederjohn and Nick Price - gave up no hits. Greener and Aaron Snyder helped put away the game with two hits each.

Bisons 9, Stingrays 7: Matthew Kubicek doubled to score three runs. Tyler Schackmuth pitched a shut out sixth inning and got the game ball.

National Division

Reds 10, Pirates 8: Two RBI singles by Aleks Jedrzejczak, solid pitching by Max Brovarney, and double plays by Dan Syburg to Will Guerin and Matt Gillis to Evan Bertz.

Reds 22, Astros 1: John Syburg, Matt Gillis and Joe Oleniczak each had two hits. Scoreless innings were pitched by Charlie Burnett and Matt Gillis.

Pirates 12, Brewers 10: Austin Jones pitched three strikeouts and Garret Dix pitched two strikeouts. A long ball was hit to Tyler Wells in center field for an out.

Pirates 19, Astros 9: Joe Coplan hit three singles. Excellent 'pickle play' with Pirates AJ Minucci and Brett Albers scored an out for the Astros.

Reds 10, Pirates 8: Great play from Pirates third baseman Luke Myzska to first baseman Kyle Schmidbauer for an out. Two double plays by the Reds dropped the Pirates.




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