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Jan. 19, 2011


DeForest Winter Open

Jan. 15 Results

9-10 Girls

Elizabeth Peura: 1st-100 I.M., 1st-50 breast, 3rd-50 free, 6th-200 breast (12 & Under); Ingrid Muelemans: 1st-25 free, 2nd-25 fly, 5th-50 back, 10th-100 free; Olivia Lonski: 1st-50 back, 5th-100 back, 7th-50 breast; Rebecca Lonski: 1st-25 fly, 1st-50 fly; Ericha Stuberg: 2nd-100 free, 5th-50 breast, 5th-50 fly, 9th-100 back

Amaya Ibanez-Baldor: 2nd-25 free, Eleri Linscott: 11th-50 fly, 13th-100 free, Anna Busalacchi: 11th-50 breast, 15th-100 I.M., Sonja Kuranz: 15th-50 breast, Claire Westfall: 16th-50 breast.

8-Under Boys

Ben Muelemans: 1st-25 free, 1st-25 fly, Thomas Schmidt: 2nd-50 free.

11-12 Girls, Boys

Megan Krummel: 4th-100 breast, 6th-50 breast, 10th-100 I.M., Millie Bretl: 9th-50 breast, 11th-50 back, 7th-50 free, Abby Gifford: 11th-100 free, 13th-50 back ; Brandon Toye: 8th-100 free, 9th-100 breast, 9th-50 back; Michaela Lonski: 7th-50 back, 13th-50 breast.

13-14 Girls

Celia Ripple: 1st-100 breast, 2nd-50 free, 2nd-200 I.M., 7th-100 fly; Rachel Stuberg: 1st-50 back, 2nd-50 breast, 3rd-50 fly, 6th-50 free; Ellie Krummel: 7th-100 free, 5th-200 I.M., 7th-100 breast, 9th-100 fly; Julia Kennedy: 4th-200 free, 8th-100 breast, 12th-200 I.M.; Kristi Klammer: 9th-100 back, 9th-200 I.M., 11th-50 free, 14th-100 free; Julia Januario: 9th-100 breast, 11th-100 back, 13th-200 I.M., 15th-50 free.

15-Over Girls

Corrine Ripple: 3rd-100 free, 4th-50 fly, 5th-50 breast, 5th-50 back.




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