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Nov. 14, 2014

Milwaukee Zoo Interchange road projects

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Openings: The on-ramps to US 45 southbound from Watertown Plank Road reopen Nov. 15 for westbound traffic and on Nov. 19 for eastbound traffic; Wisconsin Avenue reopen in both directions at 94th Street on Nov. 21

Current I-94 projects: Westbound lanes will be closed overnight Nov. 20 at 68th Street; full closure overnight Nov. 21 westbound from 68th Street to the Zoo Interchange; a westbound lane will be closed at 68th Street from Nov. 22 through mid-December 2015;

Long-term I-94 projects: A westbound lane will be closed at 68th Street from Nov. 22 through mid-December 2015

Long-term Highway 100 closures: Full closure over I-94 through late 2014; a lane will be closed in all four directions at Theo Trecker Way through mid-December

Current ramp closures: Permanent full closure of the on-ramp to southbound US 45 from Wisconsin Avenue starts Nov. 19; the ramp for northbound traffic to go west on I-94 will be closed overnight Nov. 21

Long-term ramp closures: US 45 ramps that remain closed at Watertown Plank Road are the On-ramp for eastbound Watertown Plank to northbound US 45, and southbound off-ramp to eastbound Watertown Plank; entrance ramps to and from Highway 100 and I-94 through fall except for southbound ramp to westbound I-94 and on-ramp to northbound I-43; exit ramps from I-94 to Highway 100 through late 2014; I-94 westbound off-ramp onto 84th Street closed Oct. 13 through mid-May 2015; westbound I-94 on-ramp from 84th Street closed Oct. 13 through mid-June; off-ramp from northbound US 45 onto Bluemound Road from Oct. 15 through late November 2017

Long-term full street closures: Chester Street full closure from 92nd to 95th streets through late fall 2015; 76th Street over I-94 through fall; 89th Street from Watertown Plank Road to south end of parking structure through fall; 101st Street from Montana Avenue to Dakota Street through early fall; Schlinger Avenue under I-894/US 45 through 2017; eastbound Adler Street will be closed west of 84th Street through Oct. 3-late fall 2015; 84th Street in both directions from I-94 to Honey Creek Parkway through mid-March 2015; full closure of westbound O’Connor Street from 82nd to 84th streets through early June; southbound 70th Street from O’Connor to Kearney streets through early November; Bluemound Road to be closed in both directions from 95th to 97th streets through mid-May 2015

Current lane closures: A lane of Watertown Plank Road will be closed in both directions during the day Nov. 20 and 21 from Swan Boulevard/Innovation Drive to 86th Street;

Long-term lane closures: Eastbound and westbound Adler Street from 84th to 98th streets through fall; eastbound and westbound Watertown Plank Road from 87th Street to Discovery Parkway through fall; a lane in each direction at Beloit Road and Lincoln Avenuethrough mid-December; a lane of 84th Street in both directions at Greenfield Avenue through mid-December

As of press time, information was available from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation only through Sunday, Nov. 23. Learn more at The schedule is weather dependent.