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Eaton Corp. confirms it will move division headquarters to Wauwatosa

Wauwatosa, Office

Eaton Corp. has selected the Milwaukee County Research Park, in Wauwatosa, as the location for an office and lab operation now based on Milwaukee's north side, Wauwatosa Mayor Jill Didier announced Wednesday morning.

Construction is to begin this summer on the 90,000-square-foot building, which will house Eaton's electrical sector Milwaukee operations and technical center, Didier's announcement said. The building is to be completed by mid-2012.

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Have a Cigar!


The cigar is only a metaphor.

There is a new grandchild in the clan.

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Ready or Not, Here It Comes!

College, Mail

When I was little I always got really excited when I received something in the mail. Even if it was just a bank statement telling me that I had saved up a whole 32 dollars and received 0 cents interest. For the first time in my life it’s not a rare occasion that I get more than one or two letters in the mail each week.

I was recently out of town for four days and when I came back I had  informational letters from 31 different colleges. I’m starting to feel bad for our mail lady.  

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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture

It's the start of the weekend people.  Spring is in the air and every morning I hear more birds exulting in the departure of Old Man Winter.

I also have a feeling you're going to hear more from and about this artist...

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Pancake Breakfast... this time At Mo's!

All are welcomed to attend this grand event!!!

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Anybody Else Disappointed With Wisconsin Government?

Governor Walker, Politics-Other, Silly People

If you allowed yourself to - it would be easy to get upset, disturbed or angry over the circus in Madison.

Speaking for myself - I’m disappointed.

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How to silence political bores with your own deft analysis

Glenn Beck, Michael Moore, Scott Walker, Wisconsin Teachers, Charlie Sheen

I have to credit some poor headline writer for that title, which I stole. And I mean "poor" in the sense of not being very good. The article was about how to have conversations with people, not how to silence them. Funny when even your own staff, the guys on your side, can't read or listen properly to what you are saying.

There's a lot of that going around.

I don't know about you but I haven't had a lot of luck rendering people speechless by virtue of  my very own brilliance. Possibly this is because I'm not all that brilliant. But more probably, it's because people pretty much want to stick with whatever they've decided to think. The polite ones are just waiting for you to take a breath so they can say what they've been thinking all along. The impolite ones interrupt you to do it.

Most of those brilliant thoughts somebody else thought and planted as a sound bite anyway. Which brings me to the first of three rules, learned the hard way.

Three Rules to Achieve Total Conversation Domination and Become Thin and Rich, Or Maybe at Least Have a Real Conversation

1. If you've heard Glenn Beck or Michael Moore say it, don't repeat it.

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The Poet's Corner

I have not written in this corner in more than a month.  Like most Wisconsinites, I have been engrossed in the budget battles in Madison.  Unlike many bloggers, I haven’t written anything on that subject because I wasn't sure I had anything to add to the swelling chorus of voices in the debate.  I have expressed my views, mostly privately, but as an alderman, I try to stay nonpartisan and confine myself to issues facing Wauwatosa directly.

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Where do your seeds come from?

seed saving, genetic modification, garden journal, organic farms, Monsanto

In early March, gardeners begin planning which seeds to purchase for spring vegetable gardens. Seed companies know this, so around this time seed catalogs start appearing in our mailboxes. One of the catalogs I've been receiving for a few years comes from Gurney's, located in Ohio. I'm also on their e-mail list, so I frequently receive special offers, sometimes daily.

Around the same time my last Gurney's catalog arrived, I also received an unsolicited catalog from a company called Henry Field's. So I thought I'd do a little comparison shopping by reading the catalogs side-by-side. I figured this would help me compare the two companies’ products and prices.

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How to fix air travel

Things that bug me

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around our fair country via airplane. I am old enough to tell you that air travel is NOT what it used to be. In fact, it kind of stinks. Safety concerns and cost-cutting measures have made it only slightly less fun than sitting in a cattle car. Still, for a somewhat reasonable cost, it takes you places fairly quickly.

Nevertheless, I think air travel is in great need of a makeover. Here’s what I think needs to be done to fix it:

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Patten leads Whitefish Bay to comeback win

Whitefish Bay senior Ron Patten scored 12 of his 17 points in the fourth quarter, including a thunderous two-handed slam to cap the scoring as Whitefish Bay defeated Wauwatosa West in the WIAA Division 2 sectional semifinal Thursday night, 41-30.

The Trojans (15-11) scored the first 10 points of the third quarter to take a 26-19 lead midway through, but Tosa West was held without a field goal the rest of the way and just four fourth-quarter free throws. Bay responded with an 8-0 run and scored the final 11 points of the game -- including 8 from Patten.

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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture

Start your weekend with Joe Bonamassa covering an old-school blues classic....

counter on tumblr

Major retail development planned for Wauwatosa

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack, Dick's Sporting Goods and Container Store could be among the tenants at a new retail center planned for the site of the old Roundy's property on W. Burleigh St. in Wauwatosa.

No stores have been announced for the 69-acre site, known as the Burleigh Triangle, but a proposal for a multi-use project there will be submitted to the city on March 23, said developer Timothy Blum of HSA Commercial in Chicago, the owner of the site. The entire development would eventually grow to over 1 million square feet.

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Last Minute Dinner Plans

Charity, ASP, Service

Come to Pizzeria Piccola tonight, Sunday, from 4:00- 9:00 to help raise money for the Tosa Trio Appalachia Service Project trip! Give the cook the night off and raise money for this great cause!

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You're Fired!

Governor Walker, Politics-Other, Public Policy

It was always amusing to watch Donald Trump give one of his apprentices the boot. 

Sure, I understand that job terminations are serious business but how can you possibly take a guy with such a miserable comb-over seriously.  Especially when it's fake reality television anyway.

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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture


Start of the weekend people.

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Informational Meeting about Wauwatosa Catholic~Opening Fall of 2011

Special Parent/Community Meetings

You are cordially invited:  (Come one, Come all!)

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Children's Book Fair~ NEW, High-quality~ Thursday, Friday, Saturday

All are welcome!

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Informational Meeting~Wauwatosa Catholic School~Opening Fall of 2011

Special Parent/Community Meetings*A School Serving The St. Pius X & St. Bernard Communities

You are cordially invited!  (Come one, Come all!)

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9th Annual Pancakes with Mom

Crime Stoppers



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