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Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat

Bicycling, Crazy People, Economics, Governor Walker's Budget Tools, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, National Politics, Palace Intrigue, Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat, Silly People, Wauwatosa Politics

How many of you are as fatigued as I am of the political theater in Washington? 

Was there any doubt in anybody’s mind that the debt ceiling would not be raised?  Think about this conundrum logically.

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Has Grede Liberty Foundry confessed they stink? Or is the Odor cover up chemicals a punishment for complaining?

Has Grede Liberty Foundry at 6432 W. State Street confessed to being a stinker?  If not why are they spraying a chemical product into the air to hide its pollution odors?  Spray jets ring the rim of a emissions stack spraying it high into the air.  You and I know emission stacks as smoke stacks.  During the warmer weather the pollution that comes from this stack is invisible as fumes, gases, and maybe we can call them mists.  In the winter you can see the huge volumes of vapor coming from this stack under pressure.

Why are they spraying again?  Why now?  Who's behind it?  The EPA or WDNR?  Did my complaints to US Senator Kohl and Congressman Sensenbrenner lead to this unwanted frivolous attempt to deal with the foundries pollution problem?  Is it a punishment?  Who are they punishing?

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What's with the diva thing, anyway?

Wauwatosa, Diva Night, Midwesterners

I missed Wednesday’s Diva Night in the village. Driving home from work, though, I did see some sprightly young girlfriend types entering Sassafras, and a slightly more weathered pair considering their fender-bender behind Robertson’s Hardware store. Everyone seemed distinctly non-diva like: polite and attentive to each other, the first group expecting fun, the second one with the calm courtesy good insurance makes possible. Towanda!

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Friday Morning Music

Friday Morning Music, Garage Band Music, Kings of Leon, Perfectly Good Guitar

It's the start of the weekend and I recommend that you start it with some awesome American rock and roll from this group hailing from Tennessee.

The Kings of Leon..

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State Unfair

I’m under 18, I already have my State Fair ticket, and I had some great plans...

By now, I am sure that everyone has heard about what happened at State Fair on Thursday night. I also assume that most people also know about what is being said about race and how it may have played a part in what happened, especially outside the gates. But, as a teenager, I would like to point out that the reaction to the situation involves another type of discrimination.

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The Garden Chronicles - First Harvest

Backyard Homesteading, Gardening, Growing Your Own Vegetables

A couple of weekends ago the green beans started coming on-line.  Ohhhhh baby.  Fresh grilled green beans.  I took a big canvas tote filled with fleshly-picked beans to the day job last Monday along with some paper lunch bags.  Sent an email around about that tote sitting in the kitchen.  Those beans were gone by 10 AM.  Who doesn't like fresh green beans.  Especially Blue Lake 274.

This year's gardening experience has been outstanding.  Regular rains have required minimal irrigation.  I've been at the top of my game managing rot, mold, blot, blight, bugs, slugs, and wilt.  The tomato patch is flourishing.  It has actually become a mutant thing.  Best patch in memory.

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(She just MIGHT look familiar!) Meet Tosa Catholic's FIRST First Grade Teacher!

Hailing from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Jenna Rosenfeldt is a very outgoing, happy person who enjoys being around people.  If Ms. Rosenfeldt look vaguely familiar to you, we may have an answer.  She commented, "I work at Miller Park doing in-game promotions, so watch for me on the big screen!"  She has a love of sports, running, and above all Music!  Ms. Rosenfeldt has a degree from Concordia University with specialties in Early Childhood Education on up to eighth grade.

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4th Annual Shred-It / Medicine Collection Event!!

Crime Stoppers, Identity Theft, Crime Prevention

September 24, 2011

8:00am - 1:00pm
Wauwatosa City Hall Parking Lot

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Peter Piper Picked A Pint of Pickled Pike

Backyard Homesteading, Dangerous Kitchen Experiments, Fishing, Home Canning, Pickled Fish, Pickled Northern Pike, Schuetzenfest

For any of you fishermen out there you've probably been vexed more than once over the occasional northern pike that grabs your bait and runs with it. It's usually a hammer handle that's too small to amount to anything.  Catch a big one and you better be adept at filleting that fish just the right way to take out all of the Y-bones.

If you're like me most of the time you let them go.  They may be fun to catch but too much trouble if you keep them.  Besides they're slimy.

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Friday Morning Music

Garage Band Music, Grand Funk Railroad, Perfectly Good Guitar, Walk Down Memory Lane

Those of you who are old like me might appreciate this awesome gem from the early '70s.

Start your weekend with some Grand Funk Railroad...

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Tough crowds

Professional development, writing, Governor Scott Walker, politics

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop to my co-workers. I’ve done similar workshops all around the country, from Boston to Seattle (and Toronto). But this was a little different. For one thing, the folks at national professional meetings all have to write abstracts as part of their bread-and-butter getting. My co-workers don’t: it’s a new area for many of them. People don’t always like something new coming down the job pike.

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Our FIRST Third Grade Teacher~Ms. Lori Poniewaz

Wauwatosa Catholic School is proud to introduce new faculty for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year to the community.  Seats are filling up quickly. Call 258-9977 ASAP to check for availability in grade levels or to schedule a tour! 

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Besides the opening of Wauwatosa Catholic School in the Fall of 2011, St. Pius X and St. Bernard Parishes are making dynamic changes in other areas!   Below are two notes recently given. 

The first, a letter from Director of Religious Education, Heather Lukaszewski to parents of Religious Education students of both parishes (along with Mother of Good Counsel religious education students) regarding exciting modifications to the religious education facility, and the second is a sidenote from Fr. Mike Barrett to St. Bernard Parishioners regarding funeral masses.  Besides mailing the letter to religious education families, both were featured in the Sunday Bulletin dated August 14, 2011.

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Guess The Critter

Guess The Critter

Guess The Critter

Guess The Critter

I was moving a box of fishing gear from a shelf in the shed and thought I might take a peek to see what was inside.

I found this in the bottom along with a pile of assorted tackle.

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Wauwatosa lawyer arrested on gun charges

A Wauwatosa lawyer has been arrested by police investigating illegal gun sales, after he paid an informant $400 for two purportedly stolen guns and an illegal silencer at Mayfair mall, according to court records.

Thomas Michael Barrett, 53, is being held at the Milwaukee County Jail on $15,000 bail. Formal charges were pending Monday.

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Soccer begins @TosaCatholic!

@TosaCatholic is the Twitter handle of Wauwatosa Catholic School opening on September 1, 2011!  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Friday Morning Music

Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris, Friday Morning Music, Nazareth, Perfectly Good Guitar

It's the start of the weekend people...Nazareth fans unite for...

Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris!

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BEFORE & AFTER School Care @TosaCatholic !

Wauwatosa Catholic School, ChildCare, Catholic Schools, PreSchool


On top of a relevant, rigorous curriculum consisting of everything from Art, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, the Three R's (and more!) taught by a full array of degreed professionals, Wauwatosa Catholic School offers a caring, structured, professionally run childcare program!  Tisa Padovano, known as "Ms. Tisa" to the students, expands her St. Pius X Parish based program to the Wauwatosa Campus as well!  She has a BA in Education from UWM with a Certificate in Multicultural Studies.  Ms. Padovano is truly an asset to the Wauwatosa Catholic School Community of families!  Below is Ms. Tisa in her own words:

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Pastor's Potpourri~From the Sunday, August 21, 2011 Bulletin

The Lord Be With You!                                                

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