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The Playoffs will begin today

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Down and Out

Brewers, Packers, Sports

Man, what a bummer. We Wisconsinites have just experienced the ultimate trifecta of sports downers – losses by the Badgers, Packers and, of course, the playoff loss by the Brewers. And, to add insult to injury, our local marathon was won by a guy from Illinois. Nothing like kicking us while we’re down.


Here in our household, we had the good (or bad) fortune to experience two of these maudlin moments – I was at the Brewer game Sunday with a friend and my husband was at the Packer game. Thanks to the wonders of text messaging, we were able to have a digital conversation that went something like this:


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Great Idea!!

OK OK - I am done with the CUBS being swept in the playoffs - But wait there is more - this was the second year in a row - But wait there is more - 0-9 in their last 9 playoff games. UGH!! - REALLY - The Cubs could not even win 1 playoff game.

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Post Town Hall Debate ! Alert Tosa Homeowners !

Hello, I want to start by thanking everyone who might stumble across this blog.....ok, i'm diving into the blog world, ready or not here I come.  I join  all of you ready to speak my mind and hopefully have a spirited and honest debate about local Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and Federal Politics and  dabble in the Real Estate and Economic Market here in the Milwaukee area. My first impression, before listening to all the pundits is that McCain  hit a home run tonight.  I think the talking heads on Fox and CNN will debate all night who "won" but when it comes down to the nitty  

gritty....McCain delivered.   Obama usually does much better.   I felt after the first debate that McCain lost.....I didn't change my vote or position,

but I felt Obama delivered.   On the VP Debate.....Palin won....because she connected with real people.  Biden's responses were "Classically  Washingtonian".  Tonight McCain delivered a clear win!  I hope it ties up this race.McCain and Palin will be holding another Town Hall event in  Waukesha this Thursday.  I think it is great that they are coming back to town and talking directly to people in the Town Hall is  refreshing!   If you want to attend, send me an email and I will see if there are any tickets left so that you can attend.   As a profession, I am a  Realtor.......Obama along with the radical left and Mr. Franklin Raines, CEO of Fannie Mae (who is under federal investigation for his practices) were  the engineers of these sub prime loans that are hurting our real estate market.  Raines happens to be one of Obama's top economic advisors who brought in a salary of $50 million last year.  Sub prime Foreclosures can kill a market, neighborhood, subdivision.  It takes money out of

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People first, then property

Politics, Presidential debate

Normal 0

Last night’s (October 7) presidential debate was a long and  ho-hum affair, wasn't it? No one stumbled much, but no one soared.

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Looking up

Economy, job hunt, Politics, Walking the dog

Now that my world has shrunk to walking the dog and looking for jobs, things look a little different.

For awhile there, I was even dreaming about dogs, which is pleasant enough. Lots of running around and joy in being a dog. But dogs, if you've noticed, don't look up to the sky much. Someone who has hunting dogs will rush to say it ain't so, but for the most part, dogs have their eyes on the present and on the ground. They look straight ahead, sometimes. Not up.

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Mayfair Turns 50

Mayfair, Reminiscing, Tosa Business, Tosa Landmarks

What’s the secret to a successful mall? It’s simple – change or die.


When I first moved to Milwaukee, my husband and I lived just off of Brown Deer Road near Northridge Mall. Back then, 25 years ago, Northridge was THE mall. Everything in and around Northridge was thriving. We’d spend hours wandering the aisles of Northridge, window-shopping and just hanging out.


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Cheesemaker's apprentice

Aging, job hunt

About 80% of job hunting falls into the wild goose chase category. Yesterday I was lucky, finding two jobs I'd love and applying for them. One even came with a personal contact, the Holy Grail of job searching. So I was not surprised when today's search reverted to the norm.

It's all overhead honkers when the Monster Job Search Agent report shows up in my e-mail. Under the search category "editor-writer" come the following jobs, most of which seem to be in Florida and Texas:

  • Janitorial Day Help
  • Full Time Detailer/General Laborer
  • RN
  • GIS Coordinator
  • Paralegal

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ACORN: A Conspiracy Obama Really Needs?

"Hello, my name is Joseph Scroggins and I passed away in 1992.  But In 2008 I registered to vote with Frank Walton of the Milwaukee Community Voters Project! "  (

Yes, it really happened !  It's happening with thousands of false names around Wisconsin and other Battleground States.

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Keep Halloween on Halloween!

Halloween, Things that bug me

I need to vent. This is driving me NUTS. I think I’ve blogged about this at least once, no, actually twice! I would like to propose that we take back Halloween and put it back on October 31st!


On the front page of, you will see this notice:

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We have a Winner!

Did you read about the following?

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Borrowing husbands


I have something my friend's husband lusts after: a barely used wood burning furnace, a little dusty but ready to go.

So Dana and I are working out an arrangement. I'll swap him the furnace in exchange for a long tick-list of chores, a "honey-do" list for somebody else's honey. Prioritizing all the little tasks of delayed maintenance is going to be hard, but I'm pretty sure the screaming toilet will be right up there.

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Paying for things that work: government programs

My DVD player broke yesterday, and a lovely stack of wanna-see movies from the library sits unopened at its side. It's the latest assault of entropy on a household full of delayed maintenance. I should have done something when I first heard that little chugging noise. Famous hindsight words, "should have."

New players are ridiculously cheap, but this one has a VCR component too. So I'll probably save it, half-working, along with all the other half-working objects the crowd my material world.

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Take a hike...around Swan Lake

Fun, Nature, Tosa Landmarks

My friend Sue is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. So when I received an e-mail this past weekend with the subject line "Take a hike!," I figured that I must have blown it...big time. I really should have returned her call sooner. Turns out, Sue was just giving me a great suggestion for a fall excursion. Literally, she was telling me that I should take a hike!

The 'Hope' Lock Drop Box !

I, as always will attempt to take the position on this blog from the viewpoint of our community = Wauwatosa.

It should be easily agreed upon that the majority of Tosan's are 'successful' and 'hardworking' citizens who for the most part are proud and take good care of the community as a whole.   We have a good police department, beautiful well maintained homes on character bound streets tree lined with unique and diverse families.  We have the strength of things like: Mayfair Mall and a strong commercial backing as well as a solid housing stock and well perceived school district amongst our peers.  (sarcasm begins)  These things really haven't been earned....they just fell upon us because we are lucky haves.

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Parasailing with mooses


I spent half the day today volunteering for the Obama campaign at the West Allis office, where I ran into more Tosans I know than I run into at the North Avenue Sendiks. It's wonderful to be in an environment of hope, surrounded by people from 20 to 80  who are working to make something that matters happen.

At one point, a man came in to ask for literature. He said he was undecided and was looking for information to help him decide. But mostly, he was angry. He was angry about the bailout, angrier about bailing out people who had mortgages, angriest about politicians--McCain and Obama alike. Somehow he'd gotten the idea that Muslims, the poor, and the unemployed were responsible for the collapsing economy. His voice rose as he talked about a world full of people who get breaks they don't deserve and then look down on him.

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Election Burnout and a Voter Gone Rogue

Politics, Things that bug me

I don’t know about you, but I have reached the burnout stage of this election. If I never hear another commercial with the tagline: “I’m _______ and I approve this message,” then life would be pretty good.


There’s an excellent chance that I’m preaching to the choir here, right? And yet, somewhere, in some “war room,” there’s a strategist saying: “We need to make more robo calls!”


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Don't be scared silly

Politics, Wauwatosa

Wauwatosa seems to be divided about a couple things, Halloween and who should be president among them. October 26 was official Trick or Treat day, but the real Halloween is next Friday. Some neighborhoods celebrated this weekend, others are holding out for the real thing. Some of us didn't figure out which until it was too late.

It's no secret that I'm a political partisan (as well as a partisan of old fashioned Halloweens), but this blog isn't about that. It's about hoping that when it comes to the upcoming election, you will figure out who you want in office before it's too late, and you will figure it out based on something besides fear and anger. A lot of false notions are masquerading as facts and scaring the bejesus out of people.

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State of the Election - Part I - Infomercial Night

For those of you interested in the analytical side of the election you will be interested in this blog.  If you aren't , this will probably bore you! (Part 2 of this blog will post on Monday Nov 3rd, with any updates on predictions)

As a former political strategist and campaigner I analyze the polls and news daily.   At this point I have some election predictions:
From the Cloud Level Federally:
Obama/Biden will win the Presidency 287 EV to 251EV :  The Dems will Fall short of a Super Majority in the US Senate :  The Dems will gain approx 30 some seats in the House

From the Cloud Level Statewide:
The Republicans will gain 1 seat in the Senate but the Dems will still control the Senate by 1 seat : The GOP will loose 1 assembly seat and hold onto Majority by 2 seats.

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What happened to the people's voice?

Politics, Wauwatosa

 I could have sworn that I saw a deadline for submitting people's letters to the NOW editor in support of presidential candidates. So I was surprised when I opened the lovely hard copy of Wauwatosa NOW this morning and saw none. No carefully thought out, reasoned arguments. No wacky contentions. No voices we've heard for years and voices that surprise us. I miss that.

There's a charming article, The PEOPLE'S choice, about elections for school president at the Wilson Elementary School. Zach Miller won and promptly named Cory Schultz vice president. Now that's a system a person can get behind!

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