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Friday Morning Music

Austin City Limits Music Festival, Charlie Brown, Cold Play, Friday Morning Music

Start your weekend with this number live from last year's Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Cold Play - Charlie Brown.

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Wayfinding in an unknown woods, not a soccer match

Walker recall election, voting, campaign rhetoric fatigue

I’ve already voted in the Walker recall election, so I’m not sure why I keep trying to find new information that will either make me feel better about my choice or make me feel better about the outcome should my vote not prevail.

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How to Make Rhubarb Strawberry Jam

Backyard Homesteading, Dangerous Kitchen Experiments, Home Canning, Rhubarb Strawberry Jam

Sure, I know you're probably asking yourself -  He's got it backward. Shouldn't it be strawberry rhubarb?  You never hear of rhubarb strawberry pie?  It's always strawberry rhubarb pie.

I have it correct inasmuch as here is more rhubarb in my jam by weight.  As the dominant ingredient it goes first.  I digress.

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The sound of the cuckoo

Walker recall election, audible crossing signals, Cadillac XTS, safe crossings, Wauwatosa village, cuckoos

I love the audible signals at traffic lights in Wauwatosa's village. You'll be scurrying about, head and eyes down, in search of olive oil or noodles or a screw driver, and a chirp or cuckoo startles you into taking a closer look at where you are right now, this second.

The audible signals have something to do with accommodating residents of the Badger Home for the Blind on Hawley Road. My lazy research hints that Tosa must have been on the cutting edge of using signals that work for for the blind as well as for the seeing. But chirping signals are rare enough that I still feel delight when I hear them.

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Introductions All Around

Well, hello!

Welcome to the first post on my blog. My bio tells you a little bit about me, and if you're familiar with Wauwatosa (and why wouldn't you be, if you're on WauwatosaNOW's site!), you're aware of the Underwood Parkway, school, and neighborhood. My 'hood. Hence, my blog title.

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Bus rider

Bus riding, mass transportation, suburban fear

Except for trips from the Park-and-Ride to the Summerfest grounds, I've avoided the bus for a couple years now.

Aside from the scary reports of wilding and violence on the city buses, there were those awful TV screens streaming endless loops of ads and health propaganda. Even as a law abiding citizen who is inclined toward good health messages, the ernest repetition made me long for a cigarette. And I've never smoked.

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Friday Morning Music

Adele, Friday Morning Music, Hot Women, Set Fire to the Rain

It's the start of the weekend people.

Kick it off with some stunning vocales from Adele...

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Slap judgment

Indignation pandemic, Jim Stingl, Donald Driver, Tom Barrett

“Suddenly, people a thousand miles away hate your guts.”

That’s what happens, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Jim Stingl points out, in a world where our every thoughtless moment might be passed around the YouTubeverse by people whose judgments are as fast as slapping the “share” button.

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The Garden Chronicles

Backyard Homesteading, Growing Your Own Vegetables, Organic Gardening, Spinach Salad

Got the pumpkins and Lima beans planted today.  The pumpkin variety is called Snackface Hybrid - supposedly a big producer of tasty seeds - if you fashion roasted pumpkin seeds. 

We'll see.

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The Empty Nest is Full Again

Being old, Personal, Tosans, Elder Care, Tosa Business

Gosh, it's been a long time. I can't blame you if you've forgotten me - out of "site," out of mind. But I have a good excuse, really. See, I have a couple of new roommates that have kept me a little busy lately. My parents have moved in with us. Yep, we are officially a three-generation household.

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New Wauwatosa apartment development adding units

Wauwatosa, Apartments

The Enclave, a 152-unit apartment development in Wauwatosa, plans to add another 40 units.

HSI Properties LLC started construction last year on The Enclave, at W. State and N. 62nd streets. One building is completed, and another is to be finished by Aug. 1.

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Excuse Me While I Wax Poetic

Warning: This entry may make many of you think, even say out loud, "duh, Allison... get with it. That's old news."

I'm more and more proud to be a Wauwatosa resident, with each passing week; as though I'm experiencing some sort of hometown epiphany.

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Quite Possibly The Perfect Magazine

Culture, Firearms, Food, Hunting, Reading List

As I was taking my recycling cart to the curb recently it occured to me that it was largely full of expired gardening journals, newspaper food sections, bowhunting, turkey hunting, pheasant hunting, NRA magazines, and Wisconsin Outdoor News.  It was an eclectic collection of reading material for sure. 

And a big pile of it too.

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Youths and Ukes - A Quick Response

Music, Instruments

I recently noticed Mr. Rick Romano's article from last week, about Tosa students learning to play the ukulele. I immediately thought "ahh... that's why that kid was walking around the Longefellow Middle School neighborhood, strumming a uke, as if he was a Renaissance musician strolling with his lute." It seemed odd and out of place at the time, but apparently not - how cool is it that Tosa kids have a ukulele club?!

Ukes are fantastic instruments to teach music with. They have just four strings, are fairly inexpensive (you can find violin strings that cost more for one string than an entire ukulele), and are extremely portable. I can fit one in my purse! The tuning is the only slightly tricky part, but once you get past that you're good to go. It doesn't take long to learn three chords on the thing, and honestly, most pop songs only require three chords (*ahem*).Besides all that, as evidenced in Tosa schools, ukes are hip again.

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I'm Not Special


At a recent high school graduation, an English teacher, David McCullough Jr., gave this commencement speech:

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The long death rattle of the Eschweiler buildings

Eschweiler buildings, TIF, Milwaukee County Grounds, Innovation Park

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Friday Morning Music

Awesome Vocals, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Friday Morning Music, Umass Dynamics

Need a jumpstart on life as you start your weekend?

I have just the prescription.

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Birds of a Feather

House Finch, Life In Tosa

Do you remember the post from a couple of weeks ago about the bird nest in one of the hanging baskets on my front porch?

It's been abandoned. Dang. 

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Friday Morning Music

Candy Dulfer, Friday Morning Music, Hot Women, Moondance, Van Morrison

It's the start of the weekend and time to feed the Van Morrison jones.

This is a really, really jamming version of Moondance with Candy Dulfer...

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Friday Morning Music

Friday Morning Music, Perfectly Good Guitar, Please Be With Me, Scott Boyer, Cafe JIVE - Hiroshima

It's the start of the weekend people and time for a a cover piece written by Scott Boyer and popularized by Eric Clapton and Duane Allman.

An exceedingly nice acoustic set from the Café JIVE - Hiroshima, Japan...

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